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Here are my who's-that questions on Rich's list (as well as still some
more comments).

> Percy (Peter) Pigg
> Patricia Pigg
Who are they?  (Not the Peter Pig in "The Wise Little Hen", right?)

> Montmortency the Dog~
> Gremlin Gus~
> Aunt Agatha Mouse~
Who are they?

> Doctor Einmug~
He's in the Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse story "Island in the Sky".
Where else?  (I'm using the story titles in the index in _Mickey Mouse
in Color_.)

> The Phantom Blot
There's no "~" after his name, but he's never appeared outside of the
comics, has he?

Some other characters from the daily Mickey Mouse strip that appeared
in several stories:
 o Eli Squinch
 o Captain Churchmouse
 o Captain Churchmouse's pet gorilla Spooks

Joe Piper in "The Plumber's Helper" is, as far as I know, only used in
that story by American artists, but he has been used a lot by Italian
Disney artists after that.

Another thing: I said before that Cousin Fethry Duck hasn't been in
American comic books.  Wrong!  He is at least in "Big Prize For
Donald" (S-82090) in WDC 509, where he has a bit part.  That's not a
great story though.  I hope you someday will get to see the classical
Cousin Fethry stories over there.
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