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Rich> [...] although they have a striking resemblance to the characters in
Rich> JUNGLE BOOK and are indeed fashion after them, they really do
Rich> exist in two different worlds.

Saying that e.g., Baloo and Baloo are two different characters sounds
a bit like cheating.  But not too much, as it's pretty much to the
mark.  Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Ranger incarnations probably belong to
the same category (whatever category they *do* belong to) too.

On the other hand all films and cartoons are just films and
cartoons anyway, and not real.  They are just actors up there on the
screen, and their real lives can only be read about in the comics.  So

Some of the characters I asked about:
> MONTMORENCY.  The spelling error was mine (sorry again).  This was/is
> Donald's pet dog during a time while the Nephews were living with him.
> I've seen the pooch in several stories which is why I have listed him,
> but as to any real particulars I don't have any.  I think BOLIVAR
> (?sp) has probably a more defined background.  Sorry about not being
> more help on this one.  Anyone else know some more trivia on
> Montmorency that just the fact that he was/is a pet of Donald's?

Donald had lots of pets in the old newspaper strips.  I mentioned the
donkey before, but couldn't remember his name --- it is Basilio
(first appearance in May, 1937) --- but from time to time he had also
an ostrich, a penguin, a goat, some hens, goldfish, the cat Kitty, and
probably more!

Bolivar appeared in the newspaper strip in December 1940, and was also
used later by Carl Barks in some of his Donald Duck stories.  1951 his
name was changed to Bornworthy, as Bolivar could remind readers of
Simon Bolivar.

> If you feel that Eli Squinch, Fethry Duck and especially Captain Churchmouse
> and Spooks the Gorilla belong on the list, it is as good as done :)

Certainly Fethry.  The Gottfredson characters I'm not that sure about,
as I'm not as familiar with them.  Technically those mentioned have
been used in more than one story, but is that really sufficient?  Some
characters "feel" like one-shot characters, even though they've
actually been used twice or even more times.

Harry Fluks's comments:
> Is the 2nd pig really called Fifer? Is this an English word? It sounds
> a lot like the German "Pfeiffer" to me.

Don't know if it's a word, but it's his name, alright.

> There was a short series of comic stories in the 60s starring "OO Duck". The
> stories were drawn by Allan Hubbart. They were Studio stories, that never
> appeared in the USA, I think.

That's Al(lan) Hubbard, with -d.  One of my favourite Disney artists!

> In the late 70s and 80s, there was a series of stories about a London
> detective, with Mickey Mouse as his helper. The Dutch name of the detective
> was Oliver Flops. Again: Studio stories, not likely to have appeared in the
> USA.

Swedish name "Sp<aa>rlock".  Those were S-coded stories in the same
very typical style as the Goofy-as-famous-historical-character
stories, that haven't been published in the US either??

> BTW: in Belgium, marsupilami is the name of a species, not the name of a
> single character (although there may be only one..). He is always referred
> to as THE marsupilami.

Not very Disneysque, but anyway: He's not the only one.  Other
marsipulamis were first seen in "Le nid des Marsupilamis" (1972).

> Zeke has a brother in the early comics (Dutch name "Stef"), which has
> a son (Dutch name "Pollo"). Both characters are used in the Dutch wolf
> stories quite a lot.

Maybe Pollo is the same as Izzy?

> In 1987, a "life story of Donald Duck" comic was published in Holland.
> It may have been a copy of an italian story (artwork looks like Rota).

Yeah, that one ("Buon compleanno, Paperino") is by Marco Rota, and was
published 1984 in Italy, to commemorate Donald's 50th birthday.

> Are you sure the stories [with Tone/Tuttan] were from Gutenberghus?
> I always thought that Gutenberghus started about 1970, and that the
> Tone/Tuttan stories were from the Disney Studios, who had a comic
> production for the foreign market since 1963.

No, I wasn't, so you are probably right. 
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