Barks albums

Adam Bragg darkwing at
Wed Aug 12 08:22:15 CEST 1992

	Has anyone heard of the new reprints by Gladstone?  The first set ll
be a bi-monthy reprinting the Uncle Scrooge one-pagers.  These are going to be
in chronological order and will be computer colored (I assume for restoration
purposes) that will be in 9 volumes.  Future volumes will have the complete
Gyro Gearloose in six volumes.  This is an addition to the Carl Barks Library
that Gladstone publishes monthly series.  The only thing is these are expensive!


PS- Does anyone knoe exactly which Barks' stories actually made to Disney's
Duck Tales?  I read somewhere one of Barks' stories involved the Territes and
the Firmites, and I believe there's a Duck Tale cartoon with the same story.  I
know a lot of these stories have been recycled over the years and I thought it
was neat if some of them actually made to the cartoons!

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