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Wed Aug 12 04:47:15 CEST 1992

> 6) [...] Donald's Car?  Sorry, but my knowledge of these characters
>    is nil.  Can anyone help?

I know of two great secondary sources on Donald's car.  The first is
"Donald Duck in This Car of Mine" (in Swedish, despite of the title)
by Karl-Erik Lindkvist in Swedish Donaldist fanzine NAFS(k)uriren #20.
The other is a Norwegian special on cars in the world of Donald Duck:
"Duckmobiles -- p<aa> hjul med Donald Duck & Co." by Geir Hasnes and
Arne Asphjell.  What do you want to know about the car?

> 7) About Feathry Duck (or is that Fethry Duck?  I've seen it spelled both
>    ways by Per).  If you know his English equivalent name then I will add
>    him (if he appears in USA Disney comics, too).  If he is more naturally
>    a foriegn market character, then perhaps he belongs on the separate list
>    our foriegn (for me that is) correspondents will compose (please...since
>    I am out of touch with that marketplace).  If Feathry has appeared in
>    the US market comics then he should/could be added to my "mainstream"
>    listing.

I used "Feathry" from memory, but then I found it, and changed to the
correct spelling "Fethry".  He originated in comics from the Disney
Studios ("S-coded stories") drawn by Al Hubbard.  Those stories were
made in the USA, but were only published abroad.  I don't know if they
were published in any of the non-US English-language markets, or only
in translations.  Anyway, some S-coded stories have actually appeared
in the US after all, like the Fethry one I already mentioned: S-82090
in WDC 509 (drawn by Kay Wright, I think).
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