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Tue Aug 11 18:36:00 CEST 1992

Harry Fluks:

RE: Your inquires:

1) Yes indeed, Fifer is his "English" name, but it is the same as the Dutch
   word (I would assume) Pfeiffer.  This little piggie plays the fife (a flute)

2) Thank you for the corrections to my misspellings tho Per beat ya to it :)

3) Also thank you for the info on the Belgium based character called The
   Marsupilami.  I had mad an inquirey as to the character's origin and as
   to whether or not the word was a name for the character or his species
   since I had suspected it was his species anyhow.  Tad Stones gave some
   limited information, but not enough :(.  I asked on the "ranger-list".
   As far as whether he should be considered a Disney character existing
   in a Disney "universe" I would say "yes", but apparently NOT in the
   Mainstream Disney Universe (i.e. The Donald-Mickey Universe).

4) Stef Wolf is Zeke-Midas' brother, eh?  And a continuing character also?
   O.K. This is good.  But his son Pollo?  I wonder if anyone can verify
   what the English name is for the Dutch character.  (Perhaps: Stephen
   Wolf :)?  I like that).  In the U.S. comics Zeke has had visitations from
   his unnamed brother's sons Izzy (a hoodlum) and the polite Walter.  Zeke
   had hoped to teach Li'l Bad to be bad by having his brother's sons visit
   but this never works (since Li'l Bad is perpetually a good character).

5) So can anyone validate that Grandma Duck's name in English IS also "Dora"?

6) Bella Duck? Brigitta McBridge? Donald's Car?  Sorry, but my knowledge of
   these characters is nil.  Can anyone help?  If these, too, are important
   recurring characters (yes even the car if it deserves it in your opinion)
   then they could/should be added to the list.  Please, everyone, if you
   know something I do not, by all means do fill me in.  This list will be
   (hopefully) one that meets the needs of the list-members. :)

7) About Feathry Duck (or is that Fethry Duck?  I've seen it spelled both
   ways by Per).  If you know his English equivalent name then I will add
   him (if he appears in USA Disney comics, too).  If he is more naturally
   a foriegn market character, then perhaps he belongs on the separate list
   our foriegn (for me that is) correspondents will compose (please...since
   I am out of touch with that marketplace).  If Feathry has appeared in
   the US market comics then he should/could be added to my "mainstream"

NOTE:  For simplicity, I would nominate that we call the mainstream line of
   comics featuring Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Pluto (also Li'l Bad
   and others) the "M&D Universe".
   Would this be O.K. with everyone else?  Then the others like Pinocchio,
   Bonkers!, Tailspin, et al, could be called Disney "sub-universes" and
   called by their particular title (i.e. JUNGLE BOOK UNIVERSE).  I suppose
   this might be a bit controversial in the area of characters exclusive
   to Italy or Sweden, etc.  Can some suggest a way to ease that?

That's it for now

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