H-coded stories published by Gladstone

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Aug 12 02:17:16 CEST 1992

> I found some (slight) errors and have some extra information that might be
> of interest.

Thanks a lot!  I think a single name in the creator column was meant
to mean that that was the artist, but that the writer was unknown.

>> WDC 534 10 H/DD 27/29 VR             DD  "Master Animal Trainer"
>The code should be H/DD 27/79, since the story appeared (without code) in
>Dutch Donald Duck Weekly nr. 27, 1979.

That was just my fingers repeating the wrong digit when typing the
list in.

> I don't know why you put BF, DC, GC, JC and MR here. Was there another list?

Daan Jippes stuff that wasn't H-coded (short and somewhat cryptic):
Sundays from 1981, with the help of GC/DC/MR)
MaD	5 (1 page)
MM	228-232 (5 pages), 235 & 236 (2 pages), 239 & 244 (1 page), and 255
	(KFS 11/8/81, DC, DJ & MR)
WDC	530 "A Hole in One" (KFS 12/13/86 BF/DJ/JC) (That strip is on
	every July issue from Gladstone.)

> And: "OP" actually means "?", since writer and/or artist are unknown.

Yeah, but knowing what studio made it is better than to know nothing
at all, right?  I guess it would be a good idea to choose studio
identifications that doesn't look like artist identification, so that
the difference is easily seen though.
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