The never ending story of Rich's Character List

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Aug 12 13:07:41 CEST 1992

Per Starback writes:
> Saying that e.g., Baloo and Baloo are two different characters sounds
> a bit like cheating.  But not too much, as it's pretty much to the
> mark.  Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Ranger incarnations probably belong to
> the same category (whatever category they *do* belong to) too.

I would go a step further: the characters in Duck Tales are different from
the comic characters they are derived from. Scrooge and the Nephews may be
the same, but Gyro Gearloose, the Beagle Boys and Flintheart Glomgold are
so different, that they are even differently drawn in the comics derived
from the Duck Tales TV-series!
So, the 'old' comics-Gyro is another one than the 'Duck Tales' comics-Gyro!
(Even in comics drawn by the same artist, these characters are different)
In the 'old' comics, the Beagle Boys always have the same length.

> > There was a short series of comic stories in the 60s starring "OO Duck". The
> > stories were drawn by Allan Hubbart. They were Studio stories, that never
> > appeared in the USA, I think.
> That's Al(lan) Hubbard, with -d.  One of my favourite Disney artists!

Sorry I misspelt the name. I do like his Scamp and his adaptations of
several Disney movies, but his Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are awful
(so, now we can fight about that 8-)

> > Zeke has a brother in the early comics (Dutch name "Stef"), which has
> > a son (Dutch name "Pollo"). Both characters are used in the Dutch wolf
> > stories quite a lot.
> Maybe Pollo is the same as Izzy?

He must be. Rich's description of Izzy matches Pollo.

> > In 1987, a "life story of Donald Duck" comic was published in Holland.
> > It may have been a copy of an italian story (artwork looks like Rota).
> Yeah, that one ("Buon compleanno, Paperino") is by Marco Rota, and was
> published 1984 in Italy, to commemorate Donald's 50th birthday.

I said 1987, but I meant 1984. It was published in Holland also to his 50th


An then I remember the book 'How to read Donald Duck' by Dorfman and Mattelart.
It is a book from Chile, with a marxist view on the Disney comics.
Published about 1971. Translated in English by David Kunzle. Not published
in the USA because of copyright laws.

In this book, the authors took a lot of Disney comics from Chile from the 60s
and early 70s, and analyzed them. Part of the analysis was a complete list
of all family members of Donald, Mickey etc. that appeared in those comics.
Most of the comics were USA reprints (including Barks stories) and 'S-coded'
stories. David Kunzle translated most family members into English, with the
help of his daughter.
So, the book could be helpful for Rich's list. Unfortunately I don't have
the book. Maybe someone else?

Harry Fluks.

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