Disney's Original Medium

rich.bellacera@amail.amdahl.com rich.bellacera at amail.amdahl.com
Wed Aug 12 13:37:00 CEST 1992

You know, I've been reading the little debate going on on the ranger-list
aboutwhether or not comics (esp. Disney Afternoon Comics i.e. Tailspin) should
be considered canon merely because they are NOT animation.  The debate brought
up the Alice Comedies as Disney's original medium (I forget who mentioned
this) as a mixture of live action and animation.  IMHO I would venture to go
back even further as to say that Disney's original medium was comics.  Waaaaay
back before World War I Walt Disney used to draw political comics for a local
newspaper.  But he and his best friend, Walter Pfeiffer (there's that name
again) used to do live theater (vaudvillian-style, I believe) and comedy
routines at that.  So I would grant that Disney's original medium was a
wonderful mixture of everthing we know him for today.  Why disregard one in
favor of another?

I would send this note to the ranger-list, but I'm having difficulties getting
through to Stephanie.  I think one of the servers in our link is down and I'm
in the process of searching out an alternate route, but for the time another
member is forwarding the list to me.  Anyhow, as this *is* a "comics" oriented
list I thought the tidbit was appropriate here too. :)


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