Zorro comics

Melanie O. Massengale, Mailing Services, x2-2442 MASSENGALE_M at gold.colorado.edu
Wed Aug 12 17:37:00 CEST 1992

Dell Comics published a line of comics based on the Disney TV series
"Zorro".  The show ran from 1957-59 and the sponsor was 7up.  Gold
Key reprinted the comics in the mid 60s when the show was rereleased.

Eclipse Comics has reprinted the Alex Toth Zorro stories from this
period.  They are available in two volumes.

Marvel Comics recently published a mini-series of twelve comics based
on "The New Zorro" seen on TBS.  Unfortunately, the artwork is abysmal.
The TV show is just as bad, though.  I did note that Marvel "borrowed"
some of Alex Toth's work for some covers, though.

I'd be interested to hear from other Zorro fans.  I've taped all of the
old episodes from the Disney Channel.


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