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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Aug 12 19:14:11 CEST 1992

Per Starback wrote:
> What is Colossal Comics Collection?
> I currently don't subscribe.  Maybe I should start again.  Opinions on
> the different current Disney books?

Colossal Comics Collection is a small (almost digest size) (!) magazine with
articles and comics. The comics are new, drawn by e.g. Scarpa, and meant for
children of age 2. CCC is of NO INTEREST AT ALL to Disney comics collectors
(this is an opinion...)

Other Disney Comics currently running:

Donald Duck Adventures: Danish reprints, Van Horn stories (I think they stopped
        with that when Van Horn joined Gutenberghus)
        Sometimes Barks ("Darkest Africa" and "Race to the south seas")
Uncle Scrooge: Danish reprints (including Rosa). An occasional Barks.
        They reprinted a very interesting Italian story by Marco Rota,
        recently. Spread out over 2 issues.
WD's Comics and Stories: Barks reprints, Danish reprints, Gottfredson reprints
        (sequels, but not in every issue)
        Barks reprints include the rare "Atom bomb" story.
        In the past year, editor Bob Foster reprinted some rare pre-disney
        illustrations from Barks, made for 'the Calgary Eyeopener'.
        (Since Bob left, I suppose we won't see them anymore 8-( )

There are a few other series, I think, like Ariel (?) but I find them far from
interesting. Series like Mickey Mouse Adv., Goofy Adv. were stopped last year.

There was a Disney Comic in 3-D. It contained reprints of Barks, Gottfredson
and Rosa stories ("Nostrildamus"). A nice issue, but I won't buy the next

I buy a Disney Comic only if it has something interesting (so I don't
subscribe). The "Atom bomb" issue of WDCS was the last interesting issue
for me.

I go to a shop in Amsterdam every month, where they have all the latest
Disney Comics. Maybe I can post the contents monthly. (I have to write
it down in the shop. If someone else _does_ subscribe, maybe (s)he can
post the contents.)

Harry Fluks.

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