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On KF codes:
Harry> In Holland they use sometimes the (ridiculous 8-) American
Harry> format MM-DD-YY, and sometimes the European format DD-MM-YY. So
Harry> if, for example, 7-12-52 and 12-7-52 were both on a sunday, one
Harry> can't make out which date the strip is from.

*sigh* Maybe it's the same here, I'm not sure.

me> Are these #-codes the same as the codes that begin with a little
me> square followed by a number?
Harry> I know nothing of a 'little square'. For me, # looks a bit like
Harry> a square.

Take away the eight arms, and it becomes a square.  That likeness
plus the fact that I've never seen #-codes and you didn't mention
square-codes made me think they were the same.

> Do they still *produce* comics in Italy? If not, which stories are
> they publishing?  I hope there are no more stories produced in Italy,
> because most of the time they are rubbish. (Exceptions: Rota, early
> Scarpa, some very Gottfredson-like Mouse stories)

I don't know.  I *think* they still produce comics, and that about the
same artists that worked for Mondadori now work for Disney-Italy.  I'm
not really sure on any of this though.  When the Disney take-overs
began (first Spain, then Italy, then the USA) I heard rumors that
Disney intended to take over the publication of Disney comics all over
the world and intended to have essentially the same comic books
everywhere (translated of course!).  Don't know if they ever really
had such plans...
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