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*** On DuckTales:
Adam Bragg:
> Does anyone knoe exactly which Barks' stories actually made to
> Disney's Duck Tales?  I read somewhere one of Barks' stories involved
> the Territes and the Firmites, and I believe there's a Duck Tale
> cartoon with the same story.

The terries and the fermies are in "Land Beneath the Ground" (US 13).
(Anyone remember how to tell a terry from a fermy?)  I don't know if
it's been adapted on DT.

Harry Fluks:
> There was an index on Barks' "Duck Tales" stories once, in one of
> Gladstone's comics. I don't know or have the issue(s), but maybe
> someone else has.

I've seen that one too.  I guess it was in Gladstone's DuckTales,
though, and if that's the case I don't have it.  Looking through
episode listings of DT one can detect many of the adaptations on the
name, e.g., "Micro Ducks from Outer Space", "Back to the Klondike",
"The Land of Tra-la-la", "The Golden Fleecing" etc.  I won't bother
trying to list them all though, as I think there already is such a

The episode listings I have are

 (1) A listing of the first 66 episodes, compiled by Christopher E.
Barat as a complement to his article on DuckTales in The Barks
Collector #38.

 (2) An episode list of DT showed on Disney Afternoon with short
descriptions posted to ranger-list (and r.a.d.?) by "Lucky" Steven
Patrick Calica <spc55721 at> now and then.  The latest
version I've saved is revision 2.0.0 from June 7.  If anyone wants it,
just ask me to mail you a copy.

*** On Al Hubbard:
> Sorry I misspelt the name. I do like his Scamp and his adaptations of
> several Disney movies, but his Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are awful
> (so, now we can fight about that 8-)

Maybe his mice look a bit strange, but there's nothing wrong with his
ducks.  IMHO.

Harry again:
> So, the book [How To Read DD] could be helpful for Rich's list.
> Unfortunately I don't have the book. Maybe someone else?

I have it only in a Swedish translation, which won't be of any use for
that purpose.

*** Barks gifs!
There are some Barks gifs available by anonymous ftp from
in /pub/pics/gif/pics/comics/Barks.  I haven't seen them, but file
names seem to indicate that many of them are of Barks's oil paintings.
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