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Hi !

Finally I can answer this - or rather give a comment:

...story code stuff from other countries deleted...

> Germany - Ehapa
> ---------------
> Germany recently had 2 comic album series, for which they produced the
> stories, Disney Auto Album and Uncle Scrooge's Treasure Chest. 
> The stories are coded with a G.
> In Germany, they have (had) more 'own' stories, for the pocket series
> 'Lustige Taschenbuecher'. They contain Italian stories, glued together with
> German intermezzos.
> (Right, Hannes?)

I can't tell about the codes right now as I will have access to my collection
not before beginning of September. But I can give you a bit of information to
the 'Lustige Taschenbuecher' (translatable to 'Funny Pocket Books'): They are
indeed a mix of Italian material and German stuff. In a few of the first
(numbers < 40 I think) - actually I seem to remember 3 - were Barks stories. I
stopped buying them with number 50 or so and then sold the stuff to my cousin
at age 15 or so. As the artwork was not too good it was no loss (I started
collecting comics only at age 21 again).
The first 100-110 numbers had/have (they re-publish the stuff (expression ?)) a
funny peculiarity: They were printed in a mixture of black-and-white and color:
2 opposite pages b&w, the next 2 color and so on...

So far without my collection at hand.

I hope that decreases the gaps in knowledge a bit.


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