Mail problems + Last Gladstones

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sat Aug 15 15:31:45 CEST 1992

There were some problems with mail earlier this week (I think it's
gone away now) and some people may have missed some messages.  Those
who want to make sure they don't missed anything could check this list
of messages that you might have missed and ask me for copies of
anything you like.

Wed Per Starback,	"313, Fethry"
    Adam Bragg,		"Barks albums"
    Harry Fluks,	"Re: Barks Albums"
    Melanie Massengale,	"Zorro comics"
    Harry Fluks,	"The story codes"
    Harry Fluks,	"Re: New stuff"
    Rich Bellacera,	"Disney's Original Medium"
Thu Per Starback,	"The story codes"
    Harry Fluks,	"The never ending story of Rich's character list"
    Harry Fluks,	"Re: The story codes"
Fri Per Starback,	"The story codes"

And then something completely different:
What were the last issues of the Gladstone titles?

DD	279 (?)
DDA	20 (?)
DT	13 (?)
M&D	18 (?)
MM	256 (?)
US	242 (I know that one)
USA	21 (?)
WDC	547 (I know that one)

The digests:
WDCD	7 (?)
DDD	5 (?)
USD	5 (?)
MMD	5 (?)
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