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Wed Aug 19 18:04:11 CEST 1992

Per Starback writes:
> What were the last issues of the Gladstone titles?

All issues you mentioned were correct. In Uncle Scrooge Adventures #21, a
complete list of Gladstone comics was presented (in a 'Back issues for sale'
ad). All series ended with a 'last issue' or 'last Gladstone issue'.

To be complete, Gladstone published the following comics:

        Donald Duck 246 - 279
        Donald Duck Adventures 1-20
        Ducktales 1-13
        Mickey and Donald 1-18
        Mickey Mouse 219-256
        Uncle Scrooge 210-242
        Uncle Scrooge Adventures 1-21
        WD's Comics and Stories 511-547

        WD's Comics Digest 1-7
        Donald Duck Comics Digest 1-5
        Uncle Scrooge Comics Digest 1-5
        Mickey Mouse Comics Digest 1-5

        Disneyland Birthday Party 1
        Disneyland Birthday Party Digest 1
        Uncle Scrooge Goes To Disneyland 1
        Uncle Scrooge Goed To Disneyland Digest 1
        Christmas Parade 1-2
        Pinocchio Special 1
        Snow White Magazine 1

Now, what will be the last Disney Comics issues? (can't wait to see them 8-)

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