Don Rosa. New books.

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Aug 23 13:22:52 CEST 1992

> BTW: The most recent Rosa story I know of is 'War of the Wendigo'.
> Is it about Peeweegahs? If so, it will be published in Holland in
> september.

Yes, that's the one. (D 91192)

>From two news postings by Joel Tscherne:
> Here are the books distributed by Capital City Distribution in
> Cleveland, OH on Wednesday, August 12th and Friday, August 14th, 1992:
> [...]
> Disney Adventures v.2, #12          Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #577
> [...] Wednesday, August 19th and Friday, August 21st, 1992: [...]
> Uncle Scrooge #272

What does Disney Adventures contain?  Why is it divided into volumes,
instead of just having consecutive numbers?
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