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Those only-X-hours-left-until-deadline warnings were wrong by four
hours, as I had the timezones mixed up.  "Time is just an illusion.
Lunch time double so."  Oops, a non-Disney quote!  Sorry! :-)

Only four people entered my quote quiz, and those brave ducks were, in
the order they submitted their answers, Harry Fluks, Anders Berglund,
Anders Wass, and Jens Abrahamsson.  But before looking at how they
did, let's take a look at the correct answers.  To make it easier to
find the stories I've added info on any Gladstone reprints of the
stories.  Of course I should have mentioned where Disney has reprinted
them even later as well, but I simply don't know that.

1.	"Calling all cars!  Calling all cars!  Angry duck wrecking
	dining car at sixth and `D' streets!  That is all!"

That is the ending of the story with the square eggs aka "Lost in the
Andes" aka DDOS 223.  The angry duck was our friend Donald of course.
(Reprinted in Gladstone's DDA 3)

2.	"Down with H'America!"

This is a suspicious-looking spy talking with another spy.  The story
is WDC 114, reprinted in DD 253 as "Ski Samaritan".

3.	"I demand that you give a *billion dollars* to the L.T.A.B.!"

"The L.T.A.B.?  What's that?" --- "The League To Abolish Billionaires!
*Down with the rich!*"  This is from the beginning of US 6 (Tralla
La).  Reprinted in US Digest 3.

4.	"Life won't be worth *living* without my starfish!"

Donald's dried star fish is gone, because a pack rat exchanged it for
an old civil war button.  WDC 52.

5.	"Notice the powerful action of the ejector!  Yet see how
	gently it places decorations on the frosting!"

A cake froster salesman in WDC 83.  He is demonstrating his product on
Donald's face.  Reprinted in M&D 7 as "Sales Resistance".  Nobody got

6.	"Now I'll grind up the *rabbit*!"

Donald Duck performs magic tricks with a live rabbit and a grinder.
Pretty scary scene from WDC 82, reprinted in M&D 8.

7.	"Plinky plinky --- feep week --- womp bomp --- squeek squeek"

Jens thought this was the sound of Donald's car, which I think was a
good guess, but actually it's what Huey, Dewey, and Louie are supposed
to learn to play with their string trio in WDC 85, reprinted in M&D 12
as "The Masters of Melody".

8.	"Regional artifacts of the early rhubarbian era contain the
	most interesting worm holes --- blah --- blah!"

This is from a very interesting speech at the museum club banquet that
Donald is forced to go to with Daisy in "Big-Top Bedlam". DDOS 300
reprinted in DD 261.

9.	"Tantalium!  Youguessium!  Nosuchium!"

Youguessium right.  That was Uncle Scrooge looking at minerals in "Land
of the Pygmy Indians", US 18.  Reprinted in USA 10.

10.	"That's it!  Jump in the ocean and swim back to Japan!"

An old WDC again.  Seems like a lot of them showed up in this quiz.
This is WDC 56 from May 1945, where Donald is walking in his sleep.
When the boys try to wake him up he thinks that they are a "Jap
ambush", and throws them out the window.  This was the second one that
nobody got.

11.	"Two hundred cawrs, ninety kerwawks, four thousand tweets,
	eight tillion twitters, and sixty chuk chuks south by

Magica's raven reporting where Scrooge is to Magica in "The Many Faces
of Magica de Spell" (US 48).  He is hiding in the valley of the
faceless people.  Reprinted in Giant Album 6.

12.	"Waitah, what's the swankiest dish your cook can sling

Donald is tired of hot dogs, and takes his nephews "to a fancy joint
for a change".  The waiter's response is "*Frogs' legs*, sir!", but
they are *three dollars* a serving, so the ducks end up chasing frogs
on their own.  And then...  Nah, that would be telling. :-) WDC 108.

13.	"You'd be a pip on my radar --- A wow on the video! ---
	We could sing bebop in a helicop' --- on our way to a movie show!"

A song that Rolando the Vaquero learned from the ducks and then sang
to sweet Panchita back in 1848.  Her comment: "The words don't make
sense, Rolando! --- But *sing some more*!"  The story is "Old
California", DDOS 328.  Reprinted in DD 244.

	- * - * - * -

Pretty hard, eh?  There were two quotes that nobody got, and only one
contestant got more than half of them.  I hope noone refrained from
entering because they only knew one or two quotes and thought that
wasn't good enough.

Harry had the right answers to 1, 6-9, 11, 13; Anders B. to 1-2, 4,
7-9; Anders W. to 3, 8, 11-12; and Jens finally to question 11 (but
many interesting guesses to some of the other ones).  As you may
remember the score you get for a correct answer is the inverse of the
number of correct answers for that quote and that yields the following

	Harry		4-1/6
	Anders B.	3-5/6
	Anders W.	2-2/3
	Jens		  1/3
	All you other	0

Note that the order is the same as the order of submitting their
answers, so remember to answer really early next time! :-)

The prize (a virtual peanut) is on its way to Harry.  Congratulations!
--       "
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