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Sat Aug 22 16:51:03 CEST 1992


I have noticed that the colouring differs between the Scandinavian Duck
magazine and the American ones. It seems that the American colourists
do their job better. For example they colour Donald's eyes light blue,
while the Scandinavian duck usually has got white ones. When reading through 
Donald Duck adventures number 28, the first one I've ever seen, the
quality of the colouring amazed me. Also, I remember that I once compared
the colouring of the Swedish and American Versions of "The Golden Helmet".
I then discovered that the colours were different, yellow instead of light
brown, and so on. I even believe that Donald's buttons were a wee bit
orange in the American comic book.

I would like to know how come the colouring differs between the countries,
and I'm pretty sure you guys know the answer! :-)

Jens Abrahamsson, Duck fan

email: d1jens at

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