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>From two news postings by Joel Tscherne:
<> Here are the books distributed by Capital City Distribution in
<> Cleveland, OH on Wednesday, August 12th and Friday, August 14th, 1992:
<> Disney Adventures v.2, #12          Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #577

Query from Per Starback:
>What does Disney Adventures contain?  Why is it divided into volumes,
>instead of just having consecutive numbers?

  "DISNEY ADVENTURES" is sort of a "magazine for kids" (by it's own
definition).  I don't know if you are familiar with "SEVENTEEN" magazine or
other teenager-type magazines geared towards younger audiences, but that's
along the lines of what it is.  It is definitely not just a comic book.  I
covers a wide range of information with the idea of basically informing young
kids on various topics (i.e. ecology, entertainment, hobbies, etc.).  Also
kids are encouraged to send in their artwork, there's contests, etc.  While
they do feature actors and other celebrities that have nothing to do with the
Disney company (i.e. feature films, etc.) they do tend to focus heavily on
ones that do.  They also run little by-lines and promos for Disney
productions, but then, "hey, it is their magazine!" so why not?

As far as the portion that concerns this list, the comics, usually get
reprinted in Disney's COLOSSAL COMICS COLLECTION.  Both Disney Adventures &
Colossal Comics are "digest" size magazines.  The nice thing about DA is that
the comics are not just Disney Afternoon stories, but also Roger Rabbit, and
occasionally Adventures (i.e. western stories, etc.) this latest issue did
run a Goof Troop story.  Other stories presented were an outerspace
Mickey/Minnie/Goofy/Pete story (3 parts long and nicely 'painted').  I haven't
seen any Roger Rabbit stories reprinted in Colossal so I think Colossal is
primarily interested in furthering stories about characters from the Disney
Afternoon.  There has been a promise from the editor of Colossal that they
will run some new stories and not just reprints from Disney Adventures.  The
latest issues have kept that promise.

As for the "volumes" question.  I believe DA went through a  format change a
few months ago and thus moved from Volume 1 to Volume 2, but the numbering
sequence stayed the same (though I could be wrong on this since I would think
that there have been more than 12 issues so far).

I hope this helps.


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