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me> They [Gladstone] made the stripes on Donald's jacket yellow
me> instead of white, as before.  On covers they were always yellow, but
me> the jacket was blue instead of black!
Harry> Were Donald's stripes *always* white? From 1942 through 1980?

I think so.  At least they are in the American books I've checked,
from my oldest (WDC 126, March 1951) up to the last Whitman.

me> In Scandinavia [...] Donald's car is red instead of yellow
Harry> Donald's car *should* be red, and not yellow. I have never seen
Harry> a comic where Donald's car (the now famous 313) is yellow...

Hmm... I guess you're right, and that it is red now, but is has had
other colours as well.  Here are some data from Walt Disney's Comics &
Stories: Dell: 189 blue; Gold Key: 379, 403 red; 422 yellow; 429
red; 450, 454, 455 yellow; 456 red; 469 yellow; 471 red; Whitman: 487,
491 yellow; 504 blue.  Judging by that small sample it seems like
yellow was the most common colour during a period at least.  What
colour do you Americans think the car really has?

Harry> I think the USA coloring is a bit overdone..

I'm not that fond of very fancy colouring myself.  E.g., I didn't like
the colouring in _Uncle Scrooge McDuck His Life And Times_.  At the
end of it (p. 373) Carl Barks's colour guide for one page of "Back To
the Klondike" is reproduced, and I think it's better in almost every
way to the one that actually appeared in the book (p. 42).
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