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Hi fans,

just a question I'm not sure about. Didn't Barks' wife Gare do much of his
coloring ? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Per Starback writes:
> I'm not that fond of very fancy colouring myself.  E.g., I didn't like
> the colouring in _Uncle Scrooge McDuck His Life And Times_.  At the
> end of it (p. 373) Carl Barks's colour guide for one page of "Back To
> the Klondike" is reproduced, and I think it's better in almost every
> way to the one that actually appeared in the book (p. 42).

I have to agree on this one. There is another problem in Germany where a few
years ago the Ehapa Verlag started reprints of Barks material in an own album
series called 'Die besten Geschichten mit Donald Duck' (The best stories with
Donald Duck). The format of this albums is larger than the original prints - a
bit over DIN A4 (which is 210mm by 297mm for our Americans :) ). Fine lines are
often missing in these prints what can be more annoying than strange colors.
The colors are not the best, either. But at least there is a series with Barks
name printed on the cover - it took long time to see this.


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