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> just a question I'm not sure about. Didn't Barks' wife Gare do much of his
> coloring ? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Gare' did the lettering and backgrounds inking, starting with the "Omelette"
story. No Barks ever colored a Barks story.
This fact is used as an excuse by the publishers of The Carl Barks Library.
They say _that_ is why they published the CBL in black&white..

> (...) There is another problem in Germany where a few
> years ago the Ehapa Verlag started reprints of Barks material in an own album
> series called 'Die besten Geschichten mit Donald Duck' (The best stories with
> Donald Duck). 
> (...) But at least there is a series with Barks
> name printed on the cover - it took long time to see this.

This series is inspired by the very successful Dutch series "De beste verhalen
van Donald Duck" (The best stories of [not with] Donald Duck). This series
started in 1975 as a co-production of Denmark and Holland. After 2 issues,
the co-production ended and Holland continued the series. They now reached
number 72. They also published 30 issues of "Oom Dagobert" (Uncle Scrooge).
In both series, Carl Barks was always mentioned as the author of the 
stories (though not on the front cover).

The size of these albums is the same as the German. They all contain 46 to
54 pages of Barks stories, and a Jippes cover (except number 1). Number 1
had a cover showing Donald as fireman. This cover idea was later used by
Another Rainbow for CBL (the cover was re-made for CBL: a background drawing
by Barks was added).

I remember having seen a German version of number 1 of this series. It may
not have been so successful, so they stopped the series then, to start again 
about 15 years later.

Anyway, since then, lots of Barks stories have been reprinted in Germany in
the "Sonderheft" series. They mostly used Danish and Dutch copies of the 
stories. The Danish copies often had detail lines missing (or vague)...

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