Mickey comics strips of c. 1966

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Tue Nov 17 09:39:00 CET 1992

Yesterday I picked up a thick softback book called "Mickey Mouse Fifty Happy
Years: The Official Birthday Book" by David Bain & Bruce Harris.  Published
in 1977 by Harmony Books, New York.  255 pages.  I purchased it at an antiques
store in Gilroy California for a bargain!  :-)

Anyhow as I was perusing the comics strip section of the book I noticed at least
atleast three different comics which depicted some previously undiscussed re
occurring characters.  Namely Millie & Alvin.  Here are some interesting things
I noted about these two characters.

1.  Millie was/is Morty's girlfriend.
2.  Alvin was/is Morty's best friend.
3.  Both Millie & Alvin are dognoses.
4.  Neither character are directly related (both have different mothers).
5.  Also, during this time period, apparently Morty was living with Mickey
on a regular basis and Ferdie was glaringly absent (Does anyone know why?).

These comics were distributed by King Features Syndicate around 1966 and later,
and they appeared in the Sunday Comics section of newspapers in color and were
drawn by Manuel Gonzales, written by Roy Williams.  Others appeared in the
Mickey Mouse Daily Gags (gag-a-day strips) drawn by Flyd Gottfredson (i.e. the
gag featuring Mickey & Minnie double dating with Morty & Millie dated 2-7-69).

Can anyone supply more info on these two characters and are they worth of
mention in the Recurring Characters list?


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