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Jamal Hannah jamal at
Wed Nov 18 11:05:55 CET 1992

Well, I like Barks and Don Rosa as much as anyone, but are there any
other fans of Al Hubbard out there?  I really liked the way he drew
animals of all kinds in "Scamp" (Along with the reprinted
"Lady and the Tramp" comic, which seemed to have better, less-
rushed work than the later Scamp comics did.)

I also liked the work of the artist who did "Little Bad Wolf"
for a while.. there seem to be two prominant artists.. one who
did the very early stuff, (the 1st Lil' Bad Wolf stories) and
than another who did a great bulk of the latter ones.

Mike Kazaleh is definatly a favorite penciler to me.. the only Disney
work I can think of that he has done would be the illustrated
"Tummy Trouble" Graphic Novel for Disney.  Aside from his
own "Captain Jack" Comic from Fantagraphics books, his other
work included pencils for an issue of Marvel's "Mighty Mouse", "The
Mighty Mutimals", as well as the recent "Ren and Stimpy Show #1"..
but thats a different subject.  However, he's a great artist to
look for, should he do any more Disney work.

I really like how Disney seems to be serious about artistic quality
in some of their stories these days (still not all of them are up
to snuff, but some are) .. I would go so far as to say that
the art for "Darkwing Duck" in "Colossal Comics Collection #6" is
up there with artwork in the Italian Disney book ("Il Grandi
Classicci Disney", or something like that), which seemed somewhat
superior to the artwork I was seeing from American Disney-Comic
artists for a while.  I also like the artwork in "Alladin",
a comic that came out somewhat better than the "Beuty and the Beast"
books, which seemed to have some printing problems. (the ones I saw did)

   - Jamal Hannah

     jamal at

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