Alberto Becattini, _Disney Index Comic Books --- Vol. 1_

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Oct 2 00:55:42 CET 1992

A couple of days ago I received the new book I mentioned here a month
ago.  It indexes all the Dell Disney books from A to O, including, but
not limited to, Chip'n'Dale #4-30, Christmas Parade #1-9, Donald Duck
#26-84, Donald Duck Album #1-8, and Mickey Mouse #28-84.  Also all the
"Four-Colors" are here, collected under F.  The second volume will
have the rest of them, including Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's
Comics & Stories.  All the give-aways are here in volume 1 though.

For every story in every book there is info on title, American
reprints up to sometime in 1992, and credits (most often only artist,
sometimes only penciller, but in a few cases the writer is credited as
well).  There is also information on Italian reprints, perhaps not so
interesting for us non-Italians...

I think the typography could be a lot better, and there are lots of
small insignificant mistakes (like the frequent misspelling "Brabdury"
for "Bradbury"), but all in all this is a very nice book, and I
heartily recommend it.  There are also lots of illustrations showing
examples of the different artists' work, and at the end there are
short descriptions of all the different artists.

(There are 1,000 numbered and I got #489.)

Did anyone else order this book?
--       "
Per Starback

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