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Rich wrote:
> Can you repost the titles and authors of several of the books you
> listed in the past (i.e the Huey, Dewey & Louie one, and I forgot the
> other one you said was in Swedish?) .  I want to see if they are
> available here in the U.S.A.  locally.  I want to see about the Disney
> Index, too.

Hmm, what books have I mentioned?  My memory isn't that good...
Please elaborate!

As for _Disney Index_, it's only available from Al Fumetto Club,
according to the ad I copied to the list before.  (Price: Europe LIT
40,000 surface, LIT 50,000 air.  Overseas (e.g., USA) LIT 45,000
surface, "please inquire for airmail rates".  Send an international
money order to Disney Index, c/o Al Fumetto Shop, Via G. Della Casa
12R, 50142 Firenze, Italy.)

> P.S.  Does this volume list anything about Minnie's nieces?

No, there's no info "inside the frame", like information on the
characters.  But what you do get is a list of all books that carried
stories where Minnie (as an example) was the title character.  I've
looked at all of them, and none of them seems to be about any nieces,
judging by the title at least (which is all had to look at).

Hmm... Wait-a-minit!  The text on the different artists mentions other
comics etc. they've done, including Disney comics for overseas, and in
the entry for Jim Fletcher it says that he did "Morty and Ferdie with
Molly" among others for the overseas market.  I guess Molly is
Minnie's niece Tone/Tuttan that appeared in Scandinavian Disney comics
in the sixties!

The entry for Al Hubbard lists the following as the things he did for
the overseas market:
| Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Belle Duck, Goofy, Double-O-Duck, The Swamp
| Folk, Pinocchio, Little Hiawatha, Mowgli, Aristokittens, Robin Hood,
| Mickey & the Sleuth, The Lucky Puppy et al. (1963--c.79)

Who is Belle Duck?  Who is The Lucky Puppy?  Who is Double-O-Duck?  (I
know about the Double-O Duck in DuckTales and that Darkwing Duck was
originally supposed to be named Double-O Duck, but this was earlier.)
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