Good ol' U.S. Mail rich.bellacera at
Mon Oct 12 17:24:00 CET 1992

Personal request to the Ranger List & the Disney Comics List:

Is there anyone on these lists that lives close to the San Fransico Bay area
(San Jose, CA would be even better) that wouldn't mind corresponding via
the U.S. Postal Service?  Due to budget restraints I don't know if gateway
access through JUTS (USENET) will be maintained at the personal (non-business)
level for the company I work.

I would truely love to continue on these lists even if I am only privy to
printouts and through a second party.  Is anyone willing to assist me in this
endeavor?  Postage should be no problem (my treat).

If no one is in the Bay Area, then someone close by would be just fine.

This is only (hopefully) a precautionary back-up plan.

You can contact me directly.  Thank you.


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