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Here's an index of the covers and comics in Gladstone's digests, i.e.,
those small-sized books that appeared 1986-7: Walt Disney's Comics
Digest (WDCDG), Donald Duck Digest (DDD), Uncle Scrooge Digest (USD),
and Mickey Mouse Digest (MMD).  WDCDG is abbreviated that way (with an
ending G as in Gladstone) so as to not confuse it with the earlier
WDCD from Gold Key.

For every entry I list:

 o Number of pages (FC for front covers).  A "+" indicates half a page
more, so "6+" is six and a half pages.

 o Origin, i.e., the book where the story or cover originally
appeared.  (I use the "long" names for the four-colors.)  This piece
of info is very often missing for the covers.  A "*" indicates that
this isn't really the origin, as it was originally a newspaper strip
or page.  If I knew the date I'd put that in instead.

 o Creators in three columns: writer, penciller, and inker.  My
sources for that are the tables of contents for the books, later info
from Gladstone in letter pages etc., other indexes, and own
observation of the stories.  I hope most of it is correct.  For an
explanation of the abbrevs, see the legend after the index.

 o Title.  The title character is abbreviated---see the legend after
the index.  If the story doesn't have a title I've put something,
mostly the title in the contents page, inside parentheses.

Lines beginning with "!" are comments on the preceding line.

FC WDC 104       CB  CB  CB  (Truant officer)
10 WDC 133       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Truant Nephews)
21 MMOS 27           KH  KH  MM in the Seven-Colored Terror!
 1 WDC 292           TS  TS  HDL Choretime
 8 WDC 54        VB  VB  VB  LBW (The Practical Pig)
 2 WDC 163           PM  PM  GD (Water Hazard)
48 TCOS 71       WK? WK  WK  The Three Caballeros

FC BROS 129          VB  VB  (Brer Rabbit an' de Tar Baby)
12 BROS 129          PM  PM  BR an' de Tar Baby
10 WDC 132       CB  CB  CB  DD (Ten-Star Generals)
 7 BROS 208          PM  PM  BR in "Gizzards for the 'Gator"
16 MM 69             TS  JL  MM Strange Happenings
12 BROS 208          DM  DM  BR Does It Again!
32 PPTC 1            DM  DM  Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure

FC                   WK  WK  (Moths in Santa Claus suit)
10 WDC 136       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Turkey Raffle)
 7 BROS 208          PM  PM  BR Fixes Up A Friendship
34 L&TOS 629         AH  AH  Lady And the Tramp
 6 WDC 231           AH  AH  SC The Mischievous Kittens
 4 WDC 292           TS  TS  HtW Pluto Blasts Off
 8 WDC 163           VB  VB  LBW (Bomb Warning)
21 MM 127            JM  JM  MM The Strange World of Gregory Gopher

FC WDC 209       CB  CB  CB  (Broken chair spring)
 1 MM 85             PM  PM  MM Leaf It Alone
10 WDC 100       CB  CB  CB  DD (Truant Troubles)
 6 WDC 169           VB  VB  LBW (The Dragon)
14 SS 4              AH  AH  Morris the Midget Moose
 2 WDC 158           PM  PM  GD (Box Seats)
 6 WDC 216           AH  AH  SC (The Contest)
20 SS 7              JB  JB  MM and Peter Pan
32 RHOS 413          MO  GR? Robin Hood
! According to Mark Evanier the art is early Mike Sekowsky. (WDCDG 6)
 1 DD 64             TS  JL  DD (The Line-Up)

FC WDC 215           CB  CB  (Putting boys in bathtub)
 1 WDC 265           TS  TS  DD&DA (The Fixer-Upper)
10 WDC 137       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Screaming Cowboy)
 8 WDC 151           GT  GT  LBW (Grandpa Wolf)
25 SS 7              HE  HE  Reluctant Dragon
! The code in the first panel is RDOS 13, but I think it's from SS 7.
20 MMOS 286          TS  TS  MM in "Feat of Fancy"
! Inked by Bill Wright according to the letters page in WDCDG 6.
 2 WDC 151           FS  FS  GD (Modern Conveniences)
 6 WDC 223           AH  AH  SC (No Sleep)
10 SS 4              KH  KH  CC (Amateur Night)
10 DD 89             JB  JB  DD Dude Sleuth
 1 MM 86             JB  JB  MM (Well-Trained Dog)

FC                   WK  WK  (Donald about to hit Mickey with tennis racket)
 1 MM 76             TS      MM&PL The Tiny Teasers
10 WDC 103       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Rajah's Ruby)
 8 WDC 145           GT  GT  LBW (Magic Mud)
 1 WDC 158 *         FG      MM (The Smell-O-Mat)
 0+WDC 150 *     BK  AT      DD (Fire Escape)
 0+WDC 150 *	 BK  AT      DD (A Corner Table)
32 AMPOS 1199    F+S JU  JU  The Absent-Minded Professor
 5 WDC 211           AH  AH  SC (Follow-the-Leader)
 8 SS 4              JB  JB  The Country Cousin
21 MM 115            PM  PM  MM Lost Atlantis
 1 DD 52             TS      DD (Ten-Gallon Hat Checks)

FC                   WK  WK  (Donald, sleeping bag and skunk)
 1 MM 70             TS      MM Hot Stuff
10 WDC 152       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Talking Dog)
 6 WDC 172           LH  LH  LBW (Goose Chase)
22 SFOS 1179         JU  JU  The Swamp Fox Redcoat Rebel
 5 WDC 210           AH  AH  SC (Roughing It)
21 MM 114            PM  PM  MM Meets Blackbeard the Pirate
 2 WDC 153           FS  FS  GD (Handy Prizes)
10 SFOS 1179         JU  JU  The Swamp Fox Decision at Dawn
 8 DD 93             TS  TS  DD A Clean Sweep
 1 DD 52             TS      DD (Steamed Shovel)

DDD #1:
FC WDC 95        CB  CB  CB  (Cool drink for Donald)
26 DDOS 29       M+B CB  CB  DD in "Too Many Pets"
 8 HDLJW 19          KW  LM  JW Wonders in the Woods
 7 DD 86             TS  TS  DD Rustlers at Midnight
 5 WDC 205           JB  JB  C&D (Owl Roomer)
12 DD 90             TS  TS  DD (Test Hopper)
 5 HDLJW 6       CB  TS  TS  JW Life Savers
 6 DD 86             TS  TS  DD Getting the Vote
 6 WDC 211           JB  JB  C&D (The Haunted Tree)
 5 DD 89             TS  TS  DD The Top Brass Class
10 DDOS 29       CB  CB  CB  DD in "The Hard Loser"

DDD #2:
FC                   WK  WK  (Donald plays the violin and the harmonica)
10 WDC 145       CB  CB  CB  DD (The Hypno-Gun)
 5 WDC 210           JB  JB  C&D (The Runaways)
 1 HDLJW 6           TS  TS  JW (Mountain Climbing)
 8 DD 92             TS  TS  DD Secret Passage
16 HDLJW 16      CB  KW  KW  JW (Where There's Smoke)
11 DD 92             TS  TS  DD the Kangaroo Kid
 6 WDC 246           AH  AH  C&D Dull Kinda Danger
10 WDC 146       CB  CB  CB  DD (Omelet)
16 HDLJW 17      CB  KW  KW  JW Be Leery of Lake Eerie
 7 DD 90             JB  JB  DD One-Duck Manhunt

DDD #3:
FC WDC 149           CB  CB  (First aid skier)
20 DD 60         CB  CB  CB  DD and the Titanic Ants
 6 WDC 231           JB  JB  C&D The Cold Winter
17 HDLJW 20      CB  KW  KW  JW New Zoo Brews Ado
20 DDOS 300          PM  VB? DD (The Firebugs)
 6 WDC 232           JB  JB  C&D It's Snow Joke
16 HDLJW 21      CB  KW  KW  JW Music Hath Charms
 6 WDC 145           FS  FS  GD (El Toreador Grandma)
 1 WDC 292           RG  RG  DD The Artist

DDD #4:
FC                   VB  VB  (From the banisters to the bath)
 1 DD 108            TS  TS  DD (High-Diving Duck)
10 WDC 125       CB  CB  CB  DD (Operation Saint Bernard)
 8 C&D 6             JB  JB  C&D in Forest Vigilantes
12 HDLJW 12      CB  KW  KW  JW Storm Dancers
32 TIYLDDOS 1109     TS  SS  This Is Your Life, Donald Duck
! Chapter IV adapted from WDC 141 by Carl Barks
 6 C&D 9             JB  JB  C&D in Flying High
 4 MM 127                    JW The Odd Tracks
 6 C&D 9             JB  JB  C&D in Salty Sailors
 8 HDLJW 20                  JW Cabin Trackers
 4 DDOS 328      DC  BMo BMo DD (Grandma's Visit)
 1 DD 112            TS  TS  DD (Nap Time)

DDD #5:
FC WDC 183       CB  CB  CB  (Model train around Donald)
 1 DD 87             TS  TS  DD (Cut Off Cut In)
10 WDC 127       CB  CB  CB  DD (The April Foolers)
 6 WDC 223           AH  AH  C&D (The Witch Convention)
13 HDLJW 11      CB  TS  TS  JW Traitor in the Ranks
 6+DD 93             TS  TS  DD The Good Old Daze
 0+WDC 150           AT  AT  DD (Auto Trouble)
 5 C&D 9             JB  JB  C&D in Noisy Neighbors
 2 WDC 150           FS  FS  GD (Holiday Inn)
12 DD 94             TS  TS  DD Last Chance Rain Dance
 8 C&DOS 517         KC      C&D (Pinocchio's Dilemma)
13 HDLJW 12      CB  KW  KW  JW Hound of the Moaning Hills
14 DD 64             TS  TS  DD in Adventure at Bomb Bird Island
 1 DD 86             TS  TS  DD (Cheers)

USD #1:
FC US 27             CB  CB  (Bubble pipe)
17 US 36         CB  CB  CB  US The Midas Touch
 8 BB 1              TS  TS  BB&MMM in "Secret of the Sphinx"
14 HDLJW 6       CB  JC  JC  JW Peril of the Black Forest
12 DD 89             TS      US in "Rivers of Gold"
 4 US 77             PL  PL  GG in "Lucky in the Lab"
 6 HDLJW 6           TS  TS  JW in "The Balloonists"
 7 US 75             TS  TS  US in "On Guard"
 8 BB 1              TS  TS  BB&MMM in "A Change of Luck"
14 US 75             TS  TS  US in "The Battle of Marathon"

USD #2:
FC US 21             CB  CB  (Dollar pig)
20 US 15         CB  CB  CB  US in "The Second-Richest Duck"
 8 BB 1              TS  TS  BB&MMM Double Timed
17 HDLJW 7       CB  KW  KW  JW Whale of a Good Deed
 4 WDC 264           JB  JB  GG Magic Rug Bug
14 US 77             TS  TS  US The Jillion-Dollar Diamond
 8 BB 1              TS  TS  BB&MMM Organized Grime
12 HDLJW 10      CB  TS  TS  JW Bottled Battlers
 7 US 77             TS  TS  US The Telltale Hand

USD #3:
FC US 36             CB  CB  (Dollar bedcovers)
 1 US 40             TS  TS  US Good Old S.U.
22 US 6          CB  CB  CB  US (Tralla La)
13 HDLJW 9       CB  KW  KW  JW Looter of the Lake
10 BB 2              TS  TS  BB The Case of the Gold Bars
 6 US 180            JM  JM  US The New Buck-Mobile
 5 WDC 251           PM  PM  GG The Rescue Robot
 7 BB 2              TS  TS  BB The Summer Camp Caper
 5 US 180            JM  JM  US The Cash Register Mystery
13 HDLJW 10      CB  TS  TS  JW Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!)
 8 DD 90             TS  TS  DD The Big Nest Egg
 1 US 36             TS  TS  US Memory Man
 1 MM 85             TS  TS  GG (Big Trouble)

USD #4:
FC US 37             CB  CB  (Patching money bags)
 1 US 41             TS  TS  US (Avoiding the Toll)
32 US 5          CB  CB  CB  US (The Sunken City)
15 BB 2              TS  TS  BB The Dime from Uncle
 3 HDLJW 7                   JW New Recruit
13 US 180            JM  JM  US Antique Antics
17 HLDJW 19      CB  KW  KW  JW Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon
10 BB 8              TS  TS  BB Super Beagles
 1 US 41             TS  TS  US (Business Sense)

USD #5:
FC US 31             CB  CB  (Keep off the grass)
 1 BB 2              TS  TS  BB (Hard Cash)
32 US 4          CB  CB  CB  US (Hawaiian Hideaway)
 1 DDIMLOS 1051      TS  TS  HDL's Mind-Reading Stunt
13 BB 17             KW  KW  BB The Defective Detectives
 4 US 78             PL  PL  GG The Sculptinker
12 HDLJW 11      CB  KW  KW  JW Eagle Savers
 4 US 13         CB  CB  CB  GG (The Lightning Box)
 8 BB 8              PA  PA  BB Passing the Buck
11 US 78             TS  TS  US The Fickle Fortune-Finder
 1 US 6          CB  CB  CB  US (Penny Wise)
 1 US 40             TS  TS  US A Tip or Two

MMD #1:
FC MMOS 313          PM  PM  (The Mystery of the Double-Cross Ranch)
32 MMOS 313          PM  PM  MM in The Mystery of the Double-Cross Ranch
 4 DD 89             JB  JB  GO All Thumbs
32 PB 1              PM  PM  PB The Phantom Blot Meets the Mysterious Mr. X
 4 WDC 190           JB  JB  PL (A Bone of Contention)
17 MM 64             JB  JB  MM and The Sneezing Burro of Mystery Mesa
 1 MM 48             TS  TS  GO (Noise Abatement)

MMD #2:
FC                   PM  PM  (Polka bones)
12 DDOS 203          BW  BW  MM&GO in "Special Delivery"
13 MM 43             JB  JB  MM in The Mystery of Whalers' Cove
 3 WDC 169           PM  PM  PL (Cat Calamity)
24 MM 107        DC  M+S M+S MM SSA Assignment Time-Lock
 4 DD 90             JB  JB  GO One for the Money, Two for the Tow
11 MM 81             PM  PM  MM Arctic Roundup
 3 WDC 172           PM  PM  PL (The Powered Pooch)
 8 WDC 272           PM  PM  MM Over-Do-It Yourself
11 MM 43             JB  JB  MM in Top Performance

MMD #3:
FC                   PM  PM  (Soup in lunch box)
 1 MM 101            BW  BW  MM (Exit Excitement)
19 MM 70             JB  JB  MM Black Murdoch's Warning
 8 MMAOS 1057        PM  PM  MM with Uncle Boomer
 6 MMAOS 1057        PM  PM  MM with Cousin Moocher
 6 MMAOS 1057        PM  PM  MM with Ben Ali Maus
 6 MMAOS 1057        PM  PM  MM with Uncle Mukluk
 6 MMAOS 1057        PM  PM  MM with Cousin Digger
 6 WDC 163           PM  PM  PL (Puppy Love)
32 PB 2              PM  PM  PB meets Super Goof
 1 MM 101            BW  BW  MM (Bait and Switch)

MMD #4:
FC                   PM  PM  (Cat chases Pluto)
 1 MM 86             JB  JB  MM (An Easy Spare)
14 MM 76             PM  PM  MM The Floating Fortune
 5 MM 76             JB  JB  MM It's A Snap
24 MM 108        DC  M+S M+S MM SSA Aircraft Carrier At 2 O'Clock High
 4 DD 64             JB  JB  GO in Riding High
28 MMOS 286          RT  VB? MM in the Uninvited Guest
 6 WDC 153           PM  PM  PL (Under the Big Top)
 8 MM 80             PM  PM  MM The Catering Caper
 1 MM 98             PM  PM  GO (Making Head Way)

MMD #5:
FC MMOS 427      DM  DM  DM  (The Wonderful Whizzix)
 1 MM 47             JB  JB  PL (Quiet, Please)
24 MMOS 427      DM  DM  DM  MM and the "Wonderful Whizzix"
 4 DD 93             PM  PM  GO the Mixed-Up Teapot
 6 WDC 151           FS  FS  PL (On the Farm)
32 PB 4              PM  PM  PB meets Mad Madam Mim
18 MM 98             PM  PM  MM The Flight To Danger
 1 MM 47             PM  PM  MM&GO (Planning Ahead)

Legend of creators:
AH	Al Hubbard		JU      John Ushler
AT	Al Taliaferro		KC      Ken Champin
BMo	Bob Moore		KH      Ken Hultgren
BW	Bill Wright		KW      Kay Wright
CB	Carl Barks		LH      Lee Hooper
DC	Don Christensen		LM      Larry Mayer
DM	Dick Moores		MO      Morris Gollub
FG	Floyd Gottfredson	PA      Pete Alvarado
FS	Frank McSavage		PL      Phil de Lara
GR	George Roussos		PM      Paul Murry
GT	Gil Turner		RG      Robert Gregory
HE	Harvey Eisenberg	RT      Riley Thompson
JB	Jack Bradbury		SS      Steve Steere
JC	John Carey		TS      Tony Strobl
JL	John Liggera		VB      Carl von Buettner
JM	Jack Manning		WK      Walt Kelly

M+S	PM (Mickey and Goofy) + Dan Spiegle (the rest)
F+S	Eric Freiwald + Robert Schaefer
M+B	Merrill de Maris + CB.  (CB got a "half-outlined plot" which
	he polished up and lengthened.)

Legend of title characters:

BB	The Beagle Boys		HtW     Hazel the Witch
BR	Brer Rabbit		JW      Junior Woodchucks
C&D	Chip 'n' Dale		LBW     Li'l Bad Wolf
CC	Clara Cluck		MM      Mickey Mouse
DA	Daisy			MM SSA  Mickey Mouse Super Secret Agent
DD	Donald Duck		MMM     The Marvelous Mad Madam Mim
GD	Grandma Duck		PB      The Phantom Blot
GG	Gyro Gearloose		PL      Pluto
GO	Goofy			SC      Scamp
HDL	Huey, Dewey and Louie	US      Uncle Scrooge / Scrooge McDuck

Thanks to Andy Krieg for providing info on USD#1 which I don't have.

Any comments, corrections, additions etc. are very welcome!
--       "
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