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Fri Oct 23 17:05:00 CET 1992


Hi.  Concerning your comment about Mickey Mouse with super powers I don't
think that would be a bad idea if it's only a one-shot thing.  But the part
with Mickey running into walls and accidentally tearing things apart I think
might not be so well received.  The idea of a silly superhero probably works
better with Donald or Goofy.  Donald could react by getting angry whereas
Goofy has already shown his lack of total comprehension.  On the other hand,
Darkwing Duck is perfect in this role.  Mickey is usually a "smart" guy and is
not so easily confounded by this sort of thing.  Sure he might have difficulty
coping with powers, but I think to have him running into walls and all would
really mess with his "image".  This wacky superhero stuff is more suited to
Donald and Goofy (as Super-Goof).

To me, much of the Disney stories concerning Mickey, Donald and the gang
surround interacting with other members of thier extended families (i.e.
Donald, Daisy and their nieces and nephews or Mickey and his, Grandma Duck
and Gus, etc.).  Other stories are placed in line with friendships (i.e.
Mickey & Goofy) or romance (Mickey & Minnie).  Then there are the Adventure
stories like when Scrooge, Donald and the Nephews hunt gold, or When Mickey &
Minnie are threatened by Bad Pete in some way.  The superhero gig is sort of
outside of that status quo, but not totally unreasonable.

Just some ideas.


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