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Sat Oct 24 00:33:32 CET 1992

Wow.  Per said that the list was slow when I joined but I swear
I hear an echo...

Anyway... YES!  Disney's finally getting on the ball and begining
to have their writers actually write something instead of just
reprinting old stuff (I repeat.  If I wanted reprints I would have
bought Gladstone. :-P)  The issue should be coming out sometime in

The plot is thus.  Donald, for some reason, manages to get his hands
on some type of radioactive potion.  What does one do with a poition?
That's right, Drink it!  Consequently,  Donald receives super-powers
and his nephews (with the aid of their comic-books) try to help
Donald cope with his new-found abilities.

This reminds me of a story idea I wanted to send to Disney Comics.
There was some talk in Micky Mouse Adventures about how Mickey
was always doing some kind of heroing and some of the reader
were getting sick of it.  "Why doesn't he do more funny stuff?
Are you trying to make him into a superhero?"  they said.  (I'm
paraphrasing.)  So what I wanted to do was give these people what
they wanted... and give them a heart attack at the same time.
Effectively, Micky gains powers and tries to do good deeds but keeps
screwing up.  Running into walls because he's going too fast,
ripping things apart without meaning to, things that SHOULD happen
to Superman but don't.  Ah well.  Disney Comics, we hardly knew thee.

August Paul Yang wants his Disney Comics back!
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