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August Paul Yang <wntrmute at>:
> The plot is thus.  Donald, for some reason, manages to get his hands
> on some type of radioactive potion.  What does one do with a poition?
> That's right, Drink it!  Consequently,  Donald receives super-powers
> and his nephews (with the aid of their comic-books) try to help
> Donald cope with his new-found abilities.

I guess this is Don Rosa's "Super Snooper Strikes Again", already
published here in Scandinavia.  It's sort of a follow-up to Barks's
story Super Snooper (WDC 107, see e.g., Gladstone Album 10).

> If I wanted reprints I would have bought Gladstone. :-P)

So you didn't?  I think Gladstone was a *great* thing to happen, both
with their reprints, *and* some of their new stories.

Anyway, what do you (not just you, August, but anyone on the list)
look for in a Disney book?  I want a continuity with the past; that
the stories build upon the personalities of the characters as defined
by The Old Stories.  Not because it's impossible to write good stories
which are totally new and have nothing to do with those old stories,
but because I'd prefer the writers and artists to use their own
characters in that case.  Why use old characters if all you want is
their names and looks?

This does not mean that I'm totally opposed to development of the
stories though, so I'm not sure where to draw the line.  For instance
I'm not happy with Don Rosa's attitude that all his (new) stories take
place in the fifties, and that nothing newer than that will ever
appear in them.

BTW: Don Rosa will be in Sweden on a comics convention next weekend.
Anything anyone wants me to ask him?

> This wacky superhero stuff is more suited to Donald and Goofy (as
> Super-Goof).

Regarding superhero stuff there is a line of stories from Italy that I
guess you haven't seen in the USA where Donald acts like a regular
superhero.  (He doesn't have any real powers though --- it's all
gadgets Gyro made for him.)
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