Alberto Becattini, _Disney Index Comic Books --- Vol. 1_

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Oct 26 19:39:47 CET 1992

For those that missed me: I just got back from a 3 1/2 week USA vacation.
This is the first reply to a message from a while ago... some others
will follow.

Per Starback wrote some weeks ago:

> A couple of days ago I received the new book I mentioned here a month
> ago.  It indexes all the Dell Disney books from A to O, including, but
> not limited to, Chip'n'Dale #4-30, Christmas Parade #1-9, Donald Duck
> #26-84, Donald Duck Album #1-8, and Mickey Mouse #28-84.  Also all the
> "Four-Colors" are here, collected under F.  The second volume will
> have the rest of them, including Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's
> Comics & Stories.  All the give-aways are here in volume 1 though.

Excellent! How can we get you to type in and send us all this invaluable
information? 8-)

> Did anyone else order this book?

I didn't, but now I think I will.

> --       "
> Per Starback

Harry Fluks

P.S. In Mexico, I bought a Latin-American comic. It contains a.o. 
a Bradbury story, coded:

 RZC 803/2 - DE 13/10 - DER 12/8 - DSE 12/8  (turn paper 90 degrees) MKAL 96/3.

Maybe the longest Disney story code I ever saw...


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