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Hi Disney-comics list readers! I have been on vacation in the USA the last
few weeks. Therefore, I will reply now to some messages, some of them are
quite old.
(Beware: 260 text lines coming up!)


      Date: 02 Oct 1992 00:55:42 +0100
      From: Per Starb{ck <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>
      Subject: Alberto Becattini, _Disney Index Comic Books --- Vol. 1_

      A couple of days ago I received the new book I mentioned here a month
      ago.  It indexes all the Dell Disney books from A to O, including, but
      not limited to, Chip'n'Dale #4-30, Christmas Parade #1-9, Donald Duck
      #26-84, Donald Duck Album #1-8, and Mickey Mouse #28-84.  Also all the
      "Four-Colors" are here, collected under F.  The second volume will
      have the rest of them, including Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's
      Comics & Stories.  All the give-aways are here in volume 1 though.

Excellent! How can we persuade you to type in all the information and send
it to us? 8-)

      Did anyone else order this book?
      --       "
      Per Starback

I didn't, but now I think I will.

      Date: 02 Oct 1992 02:37:38 +0100
      From: Per Starb{ck <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>
      In-Reply-To: rich.bellacera

      The entry for Al Hubbard lists the following as the things he did for
      the overseas market:
      | Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Belle Duck, Goofy, Double-O-Duck, The Swamp
      | Folk, Pinocchio, Little Hiawatha, Mowgli, Aristokittens, Robin Hood,
      | Mickey & the Sleuth, The Lucky Puppy et al. (1963--c.79)

      Who is Belle Duck?  Who is The Lucky Puppy?  Who is Double-O-Duck?  (I
      know about the Double-O Duck in DuckTales and that Darkwing Duck was
      originally supposed to be named Double-O Duck, but this was earlier.)

Belle Duck is the one I called "Bella" in an earlier reply to Rich's
character list (so, Rich: "Belle" is her English name, please note so in
your list).
I also mentioned "O.O.Duck", who in fact is "Double-O Duck" in English.
In Holland, only a few (less than 10) "O.O.Duck"-stories were published
in the 60s. It is a parody on "007". O.O.Duck has a female assistant,
called (in Dutch) Hata Mari. Donald usually features as the victim of some

      Date: Saturday, 3 October 1992 22:10 PT
      From: rich.bellacera at
      Subject: DISNEY Toon Character List


I still find it a bit confusing that you list the characters by television
series, while I only know them from the comics. In fact, I would look for
Goofy in the 'mainstream', not in 'Goof Troop'.

2nd thing, I think the M&D mainstream is too large. Maybe you could
divide it into some 'sub-mainstreams', like "Bad Wolf's world", "Brer
Rabbit's world", "Donald Duck's world" etc.

      MICKEY & DONALD MAINSTREAM:                                Acronym:  M&D

You can omit the "Pollo" reference, Pollo must be the same as Izzy, so
Pollo is just his Dutch name.

(And, as I mentioned: Bella -> Belle)

I remember some characters from Brer Rabbit's comic stories:
Vittorio (=Dutch) Weasel, recurring character in Dick Moores' newspaper
strips and the Dutch Brer Rabbit comics;
Toon Schildpad (=Dutch, Anthony Tortoise?) often appears in Dutch comics,
originally American (I saw him in at least one American story).

      DUCKTALES:                                                                  DT

      Mrs. Featherby (Scrooge's Secretary)

In the comics, Scrooge's secretary is called miss Quackfaster. I think
she is a recurring character too.

And then, there are 3 little Beagle Boys, numbered 1, 2 and 3. Appeared
in some Tony Strobl stories, like "Aztec-land".

      (NOTE:  According to their FIRST 'toon appearance, the Donald Duck
      short entitled DONALD'S NEPHEWS, 1938, the Nephews' mother is
      listed as "Dumbella", Donald's sister.

In the first newspaper appearance, their mother is called "Della". (must be
short for "Dumbella" 8-)

      Uncle Scrooge and the cast of Ducktales live in Duckburg,

Duckburg is in the state of Calisota.

      GOOF TROOP:                                                           GT

I know a comic story, where Sport Goofy is _not_ the same character
as Goofy: Goofy introduces his 'cousin' Sport Goofy in the first panel.
Are there other places where Sport Goofy _is_ identical to Goofy?

      Date: 08 Oct 1992 00:14:51 +0100
      From: Per Starb{ck <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>
      Subject: Herbert

      * Herbert

      He was invented by Carl Barks, who used him in the following stories:

      WDC 43 "Three Dirty Little Ducks"
      WDC 50 (The Five-Hundred Dollar Dime)
      WDC 70 (Smugsnorkle Squattie) (Herbert is not seen, only mentioned.)

In my (Dutch) version of WDC 70, Herbert _is_ shown in the story, on
the 2nd panel of page 1. Is this Dutch intervention? If yes: why would
they do such a thing?

      [There are more, aren't there?  What have I forgot?]

I have been looking in my copies of WDC 31 - WDC 100, but I could not find
any more Herbert appearances.

      Only Barks used him back then, but I think some of the newer artists
      who know their Barks have used Herbert once or twice.

But is that enough to add him to the Bellacera-list?

Date: Wednesday, 7 October 1992 19:34 PT
From: rich.bellacera at
Subject: Character Profile follow-up & sampler

      O.K.  the following is a rough draft of what I have in mind
      concerning how to format the Character Profiles I spoke of a while ago.


      BREED:  anthropomorphized mouse
      REAL OR FORMER NAMES:  Mortimer Mouse
      KNOWN RELATIVES:  Minnie (wife/girlfriend), Morty & Ferdie Fieldmouse
      (nephews), Maisie and Molly (nieces?), Marmaduke, Montie and Morrie
      (other nephews), Agatha and Marissa (aunts).
      PETS:  Pluto the Pup, Bianca the Goldfish, Milton the Cat

      (This space used to tell a little about the character's origin, jobs, hobbies,
      or whatever information is pertinent.)


      (This space to tell obscure details like the origin of Huey, Dewey & Louie's
      names or merchandising info like Mickey's head is Disney's Logo, etc.)

I would like to see an entry 'APPEARANCES'. This would tell where the
character appeared, e.g. Newspaper strips, Television series X, etc.

'KNOWN RELATIVES' is less interesting (IMHO). I think we also should focus
on the "Characters of less importance", since their description can hardly
be found in any Disney book. It is nice to know something about Fethry,
Double-O Duck, O'Hara, etc. (...I just found out Per Starback says the
same... sorry)

      Date: 13 Oct 1992 19:46:35 +0100
      From: Hannes.Faestermann at
      Subject: Gladstone Index ?


      just a question/suggestion:

      As there is a list of the Barks/Don Rosa stuff from the Gladstone
      titles already, what are your feelings about the creation of a
      complete index of the Gladstone series ? Not that I want to do
      it all alone but we could possible share this between the members
      of the mailing-list.

      Any comments on this ?


I planned to do my part, but I didn't have the time. Maybe I could start
again now. Some other volunteers?

      Date: 18 Oct 1992 15:46:29 +0100
      From: Per Starb{ck <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>
      Subject: YAI (= Yet Another Index)

      Here's an index of the covers and comics in Gladstone's digests, i.e.,
      those small-sized books that appeared 1986-7: Walt Disney's Comics
      Digest (WDCDG), Donald Duck Digest (DDD), Uncle Scrooge Digest (USD),
      and Mickey Mouse Digest (MMD).  WDCDG is abbreviated that way (with an
      ending G as in Gladstone) so as to not confuse it with the earlier
      WDCD from Gold Key.

Excellent! Let's extend this to ALL Gladstone (and Disney) comics. I have one

I always get confused by the abbreviations of the artists. (PM... who was that
again? Ah! Murry.) In my own listings, I use a 3-letter abbreviation for an
artist: the first 3 letters of his last name. I instantly know who BAR, MUR,
TAL, GOT, JIP, ROS are. (Only STR puzzles me sometimes..)
Maybe this is an idea for the comic story lists to come?
(The only problem I got was with BRAdbury and BRAnca. I had to abbrev. Branca
as BRC.)

      Date: 25 Oct 1992 12:48:22 +0100
      From: Per Starb{ck <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>
      Subject: Reprints and new stuff. Don Rosa. Super-Donald.
      In-Reply-To: August Paul Yang's message

      August Paul Yang <wntrmute at>:
      > The plot is thus.  Donald, for some reason, manages to get his hands
      > on some type of radioactive potion.  What does one do with a poition?
      > That's right, Drink it!  Consequently,  Donald receives super-powers
      > and his nephews (with the aid of their comic-books) try to help
      > Donald cope with his new-found abilities.

      I guess this is Don Rosa's "Super Snooper Strikes Again", already
      published here in Scandinavia.  It's sort of a follow-up to Barks's
      story Super Snooper (WDC 107, see e.g., Gladstone Album 10).

I recently read the story. I think this is not a follow-up, but a theft!
Rosa just used Barks's story idea to fill it in with his own gags. Rosa
could do better than this...

      > If I wanted reprints I would have bought Gladstone. :-P)

      So you didn't?  I think Gladstone was a *great* thing to happen, both
      with their reprints, *and* some of their new stories.

I was only interested in reprints of _rare_ Barks stories, and never printed
Barks material (like the extended version of 'How green was my lettuce').
And then of course, all the new Rosa stories.

      BTW: Don Rosa will be in Sweden on a comics convention next weekend.
      Anything anyone wants me to ask him?

Ask him what 'Ghast Cow' was about...  And I also wonder why he went
working for Dutch publisher Oberon.

      Regarding superhero stuff there is a line of stories from Italy that I
      guess you haven't seen in the USA where Donald acts like a regular
      superhero.  (He doesn't have any real powers though --- it's all
      gadgets Gyro made for him.)

The German name of this hero is Phantomias. In Dutch: Fantomerik. Just for
your information. (Should this be in Rich's list?)

(end of replies.)

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