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Welcome back Harry!

Here are some replies to your replies:

* Becattini's Disney Index:

> Excellent! How can we persuade you to type in all the information and send
> it to us? 8-)

Hmm...  Give me some days with 48 hours in them please!

* Herbert

> In my (Dutch) version of WDC 70, Herbert _is_ shown in the story, on
> the 2nd panel of page 1. Is this Dutch intervention? If yes: why would
> they do such a thing?

Oops, I missed him.  Thanks for the correction.

* Abbreviations of Disney artists

> I always get confused by the abbreviations of the artists. (PM... who was that
> again? Ah! Murry.) In my own listings, I use a 3-letter abbreviation for an
> artist: the first 3 letters of his last name. I instantly know who BAR, MUR,
> TAL, GOT, JIP, ROS are. (Only STR puzzles me sometimes..)
> Maybe this is an idea for the comic story lists to come?

I guess you're right about that.  My problem is that I'm so used to CB
= Carl Barks, TS = Tony Strobl, JB = Jack Bradbury etc. so it would
feel strange to use anything else for them (and a few more) but with
all new information on old artists, as well as new artists joining the
ranks from time to time there are more and more collisions and
confusion, and I guess three letter abbrevs are needed.

In the digest index I used the same abbrevs that Martin Olsen uses in
"Det store index" (= the big index) on Scandinavian Disney comic
books in (Danish) Carl Barks & Co.  He started with "obvious" abbrevs
like the one I listed above, but then they got weirder and weirder,
especially when he got a lot of info on Italian artists. (He even
confused himself and introduced GT as an abbrev for the Italian
Giancarlo Tonna, in spite of it already being used for Bad Wolf artist
Gil Turner.

> (The only problem I got was with BRAdbury and BRAnca. I had to abbrev. Branca
> as BRC.)

There are some other collisions as well, as Bob Moore + Dick Moores +
Sparky Moore, Bill + Kay Wright and some more

but I'm sure reasonable abbrevs can be constructed for them.  Anyway,
I'm all for using three-letter abbrevs instead of two, even if I'm not
sure that three-first-of-surname is the best strategy.

There were lots of other interesting things in Harry's message, but
that'll have to wait (busy...)
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