Gladstone index (was: mystery unveiled?)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Sep 7 18:03:12 CEST 1992

In response to Lars Petrus and Per Starback:

Lars> The obvoius solution would be if there is an index for them - is there?

Per> I let this pass first, as I thought someone else might answer, e.g.,
Per> Hannes, who's made a list of Barks in Gladstone comics, that looks
Per> like this:
Per> >US215  A Cold Bargain(26.75)
Per> >       'Quarter on the hillside'(1)
Per> >       'Tepee gag'(1)
Per> That is for every Gladstone book it lists the stories with title and
Per> number of pages.

I think that is just what we are looking for: since I have a complete Barks
index, I can easily look up the story codes and add them to Hannes' list.

Per> There's also a Gladstone Barks index in The Barks Collector #42, (...)
Per> but that one is not available in computer-readable form.

Maybe Per could check the Faestermann/Fluks list when it is completed.

Lars> Well I'm just interested in the Barks stuff - do people really read the
Lars> rest?

Yes, they do. Well, I mean: I do. Have you never read the Rosa/Van Horn/Gott-
fredson/Jippes/Milton/Scarpa/Rota/Murry stories? Then you missed something..

I have a proposal for a 'working scheme':

1. Hannes sends me his title list.
2. I fill in the Barks codes. I'll also add the Dutch (H-)code-stories (from
   the list Per mailed a few weeks ago), the Rosa stories and the stories
   from the comics I have (not so many, I'm afraid)
   (This would take me 1/2 weekend or 2 evenings, I guess)
3. Per checks this list by looking at the TBC #42 list.
4. Anybody else fills in the gaps, sequentially, so no double work is done.

About the format: I don't know. I always worked with 1-item-a-row, where the
position indicates the attribute. E.g.: position 1-3: number of pages, 4-14:
story code, 15-17: artist (abbreviated), 18-21: writer if not =artist, 22-..
story title or 'description' from Gladstone's credits. Something like the
H-coded-stories list of Per.

This looks very useful to me. What do you think? Would other people want such
a list? Hannes, would you mail me your list? (Maybe you posted it to r.a.d.
some time, but I have never seen it)

Harry Fluks
List-freak, Disney-comics-freak _and_ computer-freak,
Leidschendam, Nederland.
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