Gladstone mystery unveiled?

Lars Petrus petrus at
Mon Sep 7 11:38:49 CEST 1992

I wrote in desperation:
>>   The obvoius solution would be if there is an index for them - is there?

Per responded:
>I let this pass first, as I thought someone else might answer, e.g.,
>Hannes, who's made a list of Barks in Gladstone comics, that looks
>like this:
>>US215	A Cold Bargain(26.75)
>>	'Quarter on the hillside'(1)
>>	'Tepee gag'(1)
>That is for every Gladstone book it lists the stories with title and
>number of pages.
>There's also a Gladstone Barks index in The Barks Collector #42, with
>two parts.  First sorted by Gladstone book, like this:
>> Ducktales  13        The Nose Knows (Gyro-gag-art)         GGOS 1184
>>                      A Spicy Tale                          US 39
>>                      Pin-Up (inventor Gyro)                GGOS 1047
>and then sorted by the original source, like this:
>> MOC 4                Maharajah Donald                      DD 279
>>                      The Peaceful Hills                    DDA 4
>but that one is not available in computer-readable form.  But that's
>only Barks of course --- a total Gladstone index would be nice to
>have, but I don't know of any.

   Well I'm just interested in the Barks stuff - do people really read the 
rest? I think I would be most happy with the BC42 index, since I have
a pretty good grasp of when the story I look for was made. If you just
send me copies of it I can "pay" for it by punching the data into a
computer. Or should I buy the full magazine?

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