Gladstone - What I read

Mon Sep 7 20:28:35 CEST 1992

First off let me say I'm a Duck fan, even though I can't remember every little
Barks story.  I'm not what you call a "Barks Collector", but I love his stories
and therefore was the first to get to my comic store to buy the Gladstones!

My whole point is: Even though I was am a Barks Duck fan I also loved the other
disney stories!  The F.G. (Can't spell his name!) Mickey Mouses, Goofy shorts
and all the other non-Barks ducks are just as important and readable to me.

I think that we should be careful.  We should continue to express our love
for Barks' and Rosa's Ducks, but that is not all this list is for! This is 
the Disney comics discussion list... not the Barks/Rosa discussion list.

If someone asks for a Gladstone index we shouldn't assume he means Barks
ducks only.

This note isn't meant to be nasty, just a reminder :)

- Darin
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