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Lars Petrus petrus at
Mon Sep 7 21:59:06 CEST 1992

Harry Fluks wrote
>Lars> Well I'm just interested in the Barks stuff - do people really read the
>Lars> rest?
>Yes, they do. Well, I mean: I do. Have you never read the Rosa/Van Horn/Gott-
>fredson/Jippes/Milton/Scarpa/Rota/Murry stories? Then you missed something..

   OK, I exaggerated a bit. I actually tried hard to read all stories, since
I had vought the magazine. Mostly it was real boring, but sometimes it was
good fun. I especially like the Jippes/Milton/Rosa stories. But I *never*
remember something incredible from them that I jaus have to look up again.

   So I guess I should have written "do people really reread the rest?".
After all, rereading is what you need an index for.

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"The more I need,
 the more I can't get.
 That's the way the trap is set."
(Blue For Two)

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