Gladstone Index; new Don Rosa album

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Sep 10 13:19:25 CEST 1992

1. The Gladstone list

I mailed the Gladstone list to Per Starback (as I promised).

2. Don Rosa

I bought the Don Rosa album this week. Some points of interest (also for our
Rosa list):

. The book is comic-sized, i.e. smaller than the graphic novels Gladstone

. The book is called "Walt Disney's Donald and Scrooge" (that's all).

. Rosa drew a new cover for it, loosely related to 'The Money Pit'. Disney
  gave the cover the code KJ8C33-1 (quite a ridiculous code 8-)

. The stories that were mentioned in the Rosa list are indeed reprinted here:
  Money Pit, Xanadu, Glass, Landscapist, Stolen Time, Tower. Note that the
  ads for this book state that 'Incident at McDuck Tower' was never reprinted
  before. It was actually reprinted in Uncle Scrooge 268.

. The 3 covers for Money Pit, Xanadu and Glass are reprinted (small size) in
  this book.

. On the inside back cover, Don Rosa wrote an afterword. In it, he explains
  how he got the ideas for the stories in the book. Some quotes:

  "Several of my Duck adventures have been reworkings of my old fan comics
  which I originally pictured as Duck adventures but into which I reluctantly
  substituted my own characters. Eventually I'll rework *all* my old stories
  into Duck adventures!" [Incident at McDuck Tower is one of them.]

  "I must acknowledge the debt I obviously owe Unca Carl. Every Duck story
  I produce owes its very existence to that unmatchable body of work produced
  by 'The Old Master'! In fact, (..) find the *dedication* hidden in every
  Duck story I've ever done. In each splash panel you'll find a 'D.U.C.K.',
  meaning 'Dedicated to Unca Carl from Keno' (Keno being my actual first
  name). For the first few tales I did for GPS [Gutenberghus], the editors
  removed the dedication from the art (until I explained to them what it
  was... and *hid* it better). So you'll only find the 'D.U.C.K.' in the
  first two stories [Money Pit, Xanadu] and the last story [Tower] in this
  volume. I also hid it in the new *cover*. Fair enough?"

Harry Fluks.

"For pete's sake, it was just a nickel!"
"Yes -- go on... it was a nickel... so what's your point?"

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