Some rambling on lists, non-Barks, and other stuff.

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Sep 11 02:17:10 CEST 1992

Hannes Faestermann:
> Another question concerning these lists:
> How about putting this stuff on a ftp server, gopher server, wais server ? I
> can try to get a little bit space for this on one of our servers (no guarantees
> though...), but it would be helpful to know the size we would need for our
> stuff. Does anyone want to try an estimate (Harry, Per ?) ?

My ultimate goal is to have The Total Index (TM) of all Disney comics
*ever* *anywhere*, with lots of information on every one of them (like
where it has been reprinted, what characters appear, where one can
find references to that story, the layout of the pages, different
opinions on who inked it and the sources for those credits when there
is disagreement, etc. etc.  (Yeah, keep on dreaming.)  That would take
up lots of space, but back here in the real world we won't need that
much.  I won't hazard a guess though.

Darin Reid:
>  I'm not what you call a "Barks Collector", but I love his stories
> and therefore was the first to get to my comic store to buy the Gladstones!

I don't know if I'd pass the "collector test" either.  I have lots of
stuff, especially Swedish ducks, but I almost never get any new books
to the collection any longer.  (I certainly keep what I have, though!)

> My whole point is: Even though I was am a Barks Duck fan I also loved the other
> disney stories!  The F.G. (Can't spell his name!) Mickey Mouses, Goofy shorts
> and all the other non-Barks ducks are just as important and readable to me.

F.G. = Floyd Gottfredson.  Yeah, I too like lots of other artists as
well.  I think it was sad that Gladstone didn't reprint more good
Donald Duck stories by other than Barks, instead of printing so many
inferior Gutenberghus stories with Donald (although I have to admit
there were a few good ones too).  I sorta liked Gladstone's digests,
as there were many "other artists" represented in them.

Lars Petrus:
> I especially like the Jippes/Milton/Rosa stories. But I *never*
> remember something incredible from them that I jaus have to look up again.
> So I guess I should have written "do people really reread the rest?".
> After all, rereading is what you need an index for.

Of course (?) I reread Barks's stories much more often than any other
Disney stories, but once in awhile I search for some other story, and
that's much harder because there aren't as many indices and other
stuff around as there are for Barks.

Harry Fluks:
> I mailed the Gladstone list to Per Starback (as I promised).

Yep, I've checked it now, and will post it following this.

> 2. Don Rosa [...]
Thanks for the info.  Looks like I have to get this one.
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