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The Gladstone Barks list
Harry added the original publications of the stories to Hannes's list,
and then I checked it against TBC #42 and made some corrections.

This is supposed to be a complete listing of Barks stories in
Gladstone books, except the digests (as they weren't in Hannes's list.
(If noone else does it, I will probably add them later in my copious
free time.)

Covers are not included, and that goes for other non-story contents
too, with some exceptions.  That will probably be added later too.

---- Start of legend ----
Legend for the Gladstone lists

Gladstone issue:
 CP     Christmas Parade
 DBP    Disneyland Birthday Party
 DD     Donald Duck
 DDA    Donald Duck Adventures
 GCA    Gladstone Album
 GG     Gladstone Giant
 MD     Mickey and Donald
 US     Uncle Scrooge
 USA    Uncle Scrooge Adventures
 USGD   Uncle Scrooge Goes to Disneyland
 WDC    Walt Disney's Comics and Stories

Original Dell/Gold Key issue:
 CID    Christmas In Disneyland
 CP     Christmas Parade
 DBP    Disneyland Birthday Party
 DD     Donald Duck
 FG     Firestone Giveaway
 MMA    Mickey Mouse Almanac
 MOC    Boys' and Girls' March Of Comics
 OS     One Shot (mostly Donald Duck) (also called Four Color Comic)
 PP     Picnic Party
 SF     Summer Fun
 US     Uncle Scrooge
 USGD   Uncle Scrooge Goes to Disneyland
 VP     Vacation Parade
 WDC    Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
and in a couple of case D for a Gutenberghus story instead.

 Secondary stories are marked b, c etc. Gags are marked x, y, z, v, w.
 Gyro Gearloose stories in Uncle Scrooge are marked with a 'g'.
 In one case 'np' is used for 'not published' for a non-published gag
that was intended for that book. Covers are not listed [yet], but common
abbreviations for covers and other full-page illustrations are fc
(front cover), ifc (inside front cover), bc (back cover), and ibc
(inside back cover).  Currently that is only used for OS 1047ifc.

Numbers in () are numbers of pages
Text in '' is a short description of the story if there is no title
---- End of legend ----

---- Start of Barks list ----
Issue  Orig.      Pgs.  Title
DD246  OS  422    32    The Gilded Man
DD247  WDC 102    10    'Cowboy Donald'
DD248  DD 54      26    Forbidden Valley (danger for the pickle crop)
DD248  DD 45y      1    'The kids' first day as newspaper boys'
DD249  DD 26b      9    Hobblin' Goblins
DD250  OS    9    64    Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold
DD251  OS  238y    1    'Tiddlywinks gag'
DD251  FG '45      8    Donald Duck's Best Christmas
DD251  OS  367z    1    'Christmas wishes list of the kids fits on a microfilm'
DD252  OS  263b   24    Trail of the Unicorn
DD253  WDC 114    10    Ski Samaritan
DD253  OS  263z    1    'Smart dog'
DD254  OS  328    28    Old California
DD255  WDC 109    10    The Witching Stick
DD256  OS  147    30    Volcano Valley
DD257  VP 1a      33    Vacation Time
DD257  VP 1c      14    Donald's Grandma Duck
DD258  DD 60b      6    Water Ski Race
DD259  D 6886     10    Hang Gliders Be Hanged (story Barks, art Vicar)
DD259  OS 1150b    6    Ring Leader Roundup (Daisy Duck's Diary)
DD259  WDC  95    10    Swami Swindle (Donald and Gladstone don't have $5 for Daisy)
DD260  WDC 110    10    Goldiduck and the Three Bears
DD260  OS  199z    1    The True Test (Donald checks an antique cabinet with woodpeckers)
DD261  OS  300    28    Big-Top Bedlam
DD262  WDC 184    10    Three Dirty Ducks Round Two
DD263  WDC 165    10    The Price of Fame (Donald playing a locomotive whistle organ)
DD264  OS  408z    1    'Towel gag'
DD264  WDC  96    10    Caddie Shock
DD265  WDC 190    10    The Swimming Race (Donald versus his nephews)
DD266  WDC 128    10    The Fight's the Thing (Donald versus Gladstone as actors in a play in the old times of knighthood)
DD267  OS 1025c    6    Gyro Gearloose and Gus Goose on the Dream Planet
DD267  WDC 279    10    Once Upon a Carnival (Donald tries to cheat at his stand)
DD268  WDC  99    10    The Quiz-Show Quandry
DD269  WDC 205    10    Red Apple Sap
DD270  WDC  88    10    Winter Wagers (Donald has to bath in winter or lose his house)
DD270  OS  263y    1    Matinee at the Bijou
DD271  WDC 281    10    Feud and Far Between (Neighbor Jones has moved back in)
DD272  WDC  78    10    A Safe Place (Donald hides his old oil stocktoo well)
DD273  WDC 198    10    Knight in Shining Armor
DD274  WDC 129    10    The Swimming Pool
DD275  WDC  55    10    Webfooted Wrangler
DD276  WDC 131    10    Links Jinx (Donald defeats Gladstone on golf by luck)
DD277  WDC  84    10    The Waltz King
DD278  OS  263a   24    Land of the Totem Poles
DD278  OS  263x    1    Quiet Please
DD278  OS  147x    1    Hat's Right
DD278  WDC 237    10    Mystery of the Loch
DD279  MOC 4a     28    Maharajah Donald
DDA1   SF 2b      14    Jungle Hi-Jinks (Donald plays a wild native)
DDA2   OS  308    28    Dangerous Diguise
DDA3   OS  223    32    Lost in the Andes
DDA4   OS   62a   24    Frozen Gold (Donald and the nephews fly medicaments)
DDA4   MOC 4b      2    The Peaceful Hills
DDA5   WDC  93    10    Rocket Race to the Moon
DDA6   WDC  61     8    Thug Busters
DDA7   OS   62b   24    Mystery of the Swamp
DDA8   WDC  81    10    On Target (Donald gets fooled by a fake treasure map from the nephews)
DDA9   OS  159a   26    Ghost of the Grotto
DDA10  WDC  86    10    Hook and Ladder Duck (Fireman Duck)
DDA10  OS  199y    1    Breakfast Backfire
DDA11  OS  159b   25    Adventure Down Under
DDA12  OS  408x    1    Gas Station Glass Cleaning
DDA12  WDC 176    10    The Hiccupping Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp
DDA13  WDC 228    10    No Rest for the Rescued (Donald as member of the Watchful Parents Club)
DDA14  OS   29a   28    The Mummy's Ring
DDA15  WDC  44    10    The Mad Chemist
DDA15  WDC 104    10    The Sunken Yacht (Scrooge forces Donald to raise his yacht for his price)
DDA16  OS  291    28    The Magic Hourglass
DDA17  WDC  58     8    The Canyon Conqueror (Grand Canyon)
DDA18  OS  318    28    No Such Varmint (Sea serpent story)
DDA19  OS  199x    1    'Baseball gag'
DDA19  DD 45       6    Dogcatcher Duck
DDA19  WDC 244    10    Missile Fizzle
DDA20  OS  189    32    The Old Castle's Secret
MD1    FG '49      8    New Toys
MD2    WDC 162    10    Turkey Trot at One Whistle
MD3    OS  108c   13    The Firebug
MD4    WDC 166    10    Midget Madness (Donald as pilot of a midget auto)
MD5    WDC  62    10    Airborne Skier (Donald as water skier again)
MD6    WDC  69    10    Musclebound Mania
MD7    WDC  83    10    Sales Resistance
MD8    WDC  82    10    Magic Fuss (The nephews sabotage Donald's magic tricks)
MD9    FG '48      8    Toyland
MD10   WDC  90    10    Rival Messengers
MD11   WDC  79    10    Picnic Pests
MD12   WDC  85    10    The Masters of Melody (The kids learn how to play an instrument)
MD13   WDC  80    10    Getting the Bees-ness
MD14   WDC  71    10    Punk Advice (The nephews try to cheat in a swimming contest versus Donald)
MD15   WDC  42    10    Kite Weather (Donald wins a kite flying contest disguised as little girl)
MD16   OS  238z    1    'Ice cream cone gag'
MD17   CID 1      18    The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama
MD17   OS   79    11    Riddle of the Red Hat (Mickey Mouse)
MD18   WDC  89    10    Watching the Watchman (Sleepy watchman Donald)
MD18   WDC 249     9    Stranger Than Fiction
US210  WDC 134    10    'Origin of the Beagle Boys'
US210  US 15b      6.75 'The moving money bin'
US211  US 26      20    The Prize of Pizarro
US211  US 27b      4    His Handy Andy
US212  US  7z      1    Coffee Cup Capers A
US212  US 10x      1    Coffee Cup Capers B
US212  US 12y      1    Coffee Cup Capers C
US212  WDC 135    10    'Frozen money'
US212  OS  386y    1    One More Cup of Coffee Before We Go
US213  US 20      26    City of Golden Roofs
US213  US  7b      4    'Million Dollar pigeon'
US214  US 14z      1    'Electric light rates rise again (glow worms)'
US214  US  9b      9.75 The Tuckered Tiger
US214  OS  386x    1    'Silver polish'
US214  US  4y      1    'Your weight 1 cent'
US215  US 17      26.75 A Cold Bargain
US215  US 17y      1    'Quarter on the hillside'
US215  US 17x      1    'Teepee gag'
US216  D 6856      10    Go Slowly Sands of Time (story Barks)
US216  WDC 144    10    'Spend your money Uncle Scrooge'
US217  US  7      28    The Seven Cities of Cibola
US218  WDC 164    10    Flour Follies
US220  US  7y      1    'Telephone for a dime'
US220  US 23z      1    'Electric light rates go up (street lamp)'
US220  WDC 202    10    Kakimaw Country
US221  US 11y      1    'Squirrel gag'
US221  US 16b      5.75 'TV quiz show short'
US222  US  8      28    Message from Mysterious Island (petrifying rays)
US223  US 22x      1    'Car parts'
US223  SF 2a      10    Fun? What's That?
US224  US 21z      1    'Self locking money bin door'
US224  US 25v      1    'The kittens keep coming back'
US225  US 46b      5    The Lemonade Fling (Scrooge testing the nephews)
US225  US 46x      1    'Fireman Scrooge rescuing a safe instead of woman'
US226  WDC 138    10    Statuesque Spendthrifts
US227  OS 1150d    8    Ruling The Roost (Daisy Duck's Diary)
US227  US 13y      1    An Expert Opinion (weather good enough to change hat ?)
US228  US 34b      9.75 Chugwagon Derby
US229  US 32b      7.5  Clothes Make the Duck
US229  US 32x      0.5  The Homey Touch
US230  US 10b      8    Heirloom Watch
US231  WDC 171    10    Too Safe Safe (money bin enclosed in wax)
US232  WDC 207    10    The Tenderfoot Test
US233  US  6b     10    Outfoxed Fox
US234  WDC 157    10    The Money Stairs
US234  US 20x      0.75 Best S.O.S.
US236  WDC 255    10    Boat Buster
US237  US 11b     16    Riches, Riches Everywhere
US238  WDC 180    10    Trouble Imdemnity (Donald sells a billion Dollar insurance to Scrooge)
US239  WDC 226    10    The Floating Island
US240  WDC 155    10    Some Heir Over the Rainbow
US241  US 51      17    How Green Was My Lettuce
US241  OS  495z    1    'Flee feeding'
US242  US 49      17    The Loony Lunar Gold Rush
USA1   WDC 262x    0.5  Rags To riches (beggar with own car)
USA1   US 55      24    McDuck of Arabia
USA1   US 38g      3.75 Madcap Inventors (Gyro versus a rival growing strange fruit on tress)
USA2   MMA 1b      4    September Scrimmage (foul play in football with Scrooge)
USA3   US 27x      0.5  Uncle Scrooge Crawls for Cash
USA3   US 28x      0.5  The Money Hat (Scrooge keeps his hat on using a bag of money)
USA3   US 22y      1    Horse Sense (one-third rent for a horse)
USA3   WDC 297x    1    Million-Dollar Shower (Indians let it rain money)
USA3   US 33b     10    Bongo on the Congo
USA4   US 22      27    The Golden River
USA6   US 40      19    Oddball Odyssey (Magica as Circe)
USA7   US 37b      9    Deep Down Doings (Scrooge uses Salmons to hide pearls)
USA8   US 61      24    So Far And No Safari
USA10  US 18      27    Land of the Pygmy Indians
USA10  US 37x      1    The Windy Story
USA11  US 44      21    Crown of the Mayas
USA12  US 29b      7.75 Hound of the Whiskervilles
USA13  US 24      20    The Twenty-Four Carat Moon
USA15  US 65      24    Micro-Ducks from Outer Space
USA16  US 54      20    The Billion Dollar Safari
USA17  US 46      22    Lost Beneath the Sea
USA18  US 32      18    That's No Fable! (Fountain of Youth)
USA19  US 19np     1    'Blinder's gag'
USA19  US 39b      8    Tricky Experiment (steel ball instead of money bin)
USA20  US 28      21    The Paul Bunyan Machine
USA20  OS  456z    1    'Scrooge versus Scrooge playing checkers'
USA20  US  6x      1    'Oil strike gag'
USA20  US 14b      7.75 Faulty Fortune  (Land gift in the breakfast cereal)
USA21  US 56      24    Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad
USA21  new XXX     8    The Pied Piper of Duckburg (pages 4-8 from Don Rosa)
USA21  US  8z      1    'Hatching eggs under the electric blanket'
USA21  US 26b      6    Return to Pizen Bluff (city blown from one side of a valley to the other)
WDC511 OS 1095d    8    The Madball Pitcher
WDC511 US 14y      1    'Scrooge fakes finding a nugget on the beach'
WDC512 OS 1095b    7    Mixed-Up Mixer
WDC512 US 15y      1    'Scrooge listens to a concert from inside the kettledrum'
WDC513 OS 1095c    7    The Bear Tamer
WDC513 US  4z      1    'Scrooge uses a beggar for transporting his money'
WDC514 OS  495y    1    Rainbow bin
WDC514 OS 1267     4    Buffaloed by Buffaloes
WDC514 OS 1150z    1    Daisy Duck Friendly Enemy
WDC515 OS 1184c    7    Mighty but Miserable (Gyro gets superhuman strength and troubles)
WDC516 US 17g      4    'Gyro goes fishing using a trained sucker fish'
WDC517 US 15g      4    'Gyro invents a cat speech translator'
WDC518 OS 1184b    5    The Cube
WDC518 US  9y      1    'Scrooge: Free ride up the hill but three dollars down'
WDC519 WDC 105    10    'Donald has to pay to get an echo'
WDC520 US 18g      4    'Gyro prospects something from the other side of the earth'
WDC521 US 23g      4    'Gyro learns swimming with derrick and cable inspite of some other tries'
WDC522 WDC 111    10    Love is Strange (with Gladstone)
WDC522 OS 1095x    1    The Call of the Wild
WDC522 OS 1095y    1    Tale of the Tape
WDC523 US 16g      4    'Gyro invents a prediction machine'
WDC524 MMA 1       4    August Accident
WDC525 US 31g      4    Fishy Warden
WDC526 US 46g      4    A Helper's Helping Hand
WDC527 CP 8        8    Grandma's Present
WDC528 US 41g      4    Snow Duster
WDC529 US 39g      4    Finny Fun
WDC530 WDC 141    10    The Think Boxes
WDC531 US 29g      4    Oodles of Oomph
WDC532 US 33g      4    You Can't Win
WDC533 US 20g      4    Robot Bodyguard
WDC534 US 21g      4    ? For the Birds
WDC535 WDC 286    10    Olympian Torch Bearer
WDC536 US 36g      4    Duckburg's Day of Peril
WDC537 US 47g      4    Man Versus Machine
WDC537 OS  367y    1    'Donald and Daisy: Mistletoe gag'
WDC538 US 37g      4    The Great Pop Up
WDC539 US 40g      4    Posthasty Postman
WDC540 WDC  91    10    The Monkey's Uncle
WDC540 OS 1095z    1    His Shining Hour
WDC541 WDC  92    10    Raising Cains
WDC542 PP 8        6    Picnic
WDC543 WDC 289    10    Unfriendly Enemies
WDC544 US 25g      4    'Gyro's wishing well'
WDC545 OS 1184d    7    Brain Strain
WDC546 WDC 243    10    Turkey Trouble
WDC546 WDC 132b    8    'Grandma Duck'
WDC547 OS 1047b    8    The Stubborn Stork
DT1    US 14      19    The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
DT2    US 58      20    The Giant Robot Robbers
DT3    OS  495b   10    The Round Money Bin
DT4    OS 1161a    8    The Whole Herd of Help
DT5    US 31b      9    Two-Way Luck (Big smaragd story)
DT5    US 10y      1    'Pottery behind bad curve'
DT6    US 12z      1    'Oasis with too expensive soda'
DT7    US 44b      6    The Invisible Intruder (Too large and soft bed for Scrooge)
DT9    US 33      16    Billions in the Hole (Atom subtracter)
DT10   US 53      15    Interplanetary Postman
DT11   OS 1047x    1    The Odd Order
DT11   US 37      16    Cave of Ali Baba
DT11   OS 1047y    1    The Bird Camera
DT12   OS  456x    1    'Scrooge waits for green light before entering a taxi'
DT12   US 34      14    Mythtic Mystery (Nordic myths)
DT13   OS 1184x    1    The Nose Knows
DT13   US 39      18    A Spicy Tale
DT13   OS 1047ifc  1    'Pin-up page with Gyro'
GCA1   US 19      27    The Mines of King Solomon
GCA1   US 19x      1    'Scrooge throwing a dollar over the Potomac'
GCA1   OS 1010b    7    A Honey of a Hen
GCA1   US 21x      1    'Scrooge: Easy ways to get rich'
GCA1   WDC 227    10    'Donald hides for the Junior Woodchucks'
GCA2   OS  108a   28    The Terror of the River
GCA2   OS  108b   10    Seals Are So Smart!
GCA2   VP 1b       8    Camp Counselor
GCA4   OS  456    32    Back to the Klondike
GCA4   OS 1095a   10    Cave of the Winds
GCA4   US  8b      4    'Scrooge for city treasurer'
GCA5   OS  199    32    Sheriff of Bullet Valley
GCA5   OS 1150c    4    Too Much Help (Daisy Duck's Diary)
GCA5   WDC 212    10    'Rocket race around the World'
GCA6   US 13      29    Land Beneath the Ground
GCA6   US 30      17    Pipeline to Danger
GCA7   WDC 156    10    The Master Rainmaker
GCA7   WDC 222    10    The Master Mover
GCA7   DD 68       5    The Master Glasser
GCA7   WDC 264    10    The Master Wrecker
GCA7   WDC 272    10    Spare That Hair
GCA9   first            Bambi on Ice (storyboards)
GCA10  OS  275    24    In Ancient Persia
GCA10  DD 51x      0.5  'Scrooge using his hat as storage place for ice water'
GCA10  OS  263z    1    'Smart dog'
GCA10  WDC 107    10    Super Snooper
GCA10  WDC 199    10    'The might of fantasy'
GCA11  US  4      32    Hawaiian Hideaway
GCA11  US 26g      4    Krankenstein Gyro
GCA11  WDC 126    10    'Money rain'
GCA12  WDC 101    10    'Donald's nightmares'
GCA12  WDC 117    10    'The daisy hunt'
GCA12  WDC 213    10    'Spring house cleaning'
GCA12  OS 1055c    6    The TV Babysitter (Daisy Duck's Diary)
GCA12  WDC 308    10    The Beauty Business
GCA13  OS  408    32    The Golden Helmet
GCA13  OS 1055b    5    The Double Date (Daisy Duck's Diary)
GCA13  DD 45y      1    'The kids' first day as newspaper boys'
GCA13  OS 1161c    7    The Reversed Rescue (Grandma Duck)
GCA13  OS  178y    1    'Wrong direction'
GCA14  US 21      26    The Money Well
GCA15  WDC  95    10    Swami Swindle (Donald and Gladstone don't have $5 for Daisy)
GCA15  WDC 143    10    'Gem luck'
GCA15  WDC 167    10    'Salmon prize fishing'
GCA15  WDC 217    10    The Fight's the Thing (Donald versus Gladstone as actors in a play in the old times of knighthood)
GCA16  OS  238    32    Voodoo Hoodoo
GCA18  WDC 125    10    Operation Rescue Saint Bernard
GCA18  WDC 132    10    Ten-Star Generals
GCA18  OS  408z    1    'Towel gag'
GCA18  WDC 181    10    The Chickadee Challenge
GCA19  US 12      32    The Golden Fleecing
GCA20  OS  386    32    Only a Poor Old Man
GCA20  OS  386z    1    'Scrooge: Does it pay to buy a lottery ticket ?'
GCA20  OS  386x    1    'Silver polish'
GCA20  US 15b      6.75 'The moving money bin'
GCA20  OS  386y    1    'Another cup of coffee gag'
GCA20  US 27b      4    Handy Andy
GCA21  WDC 215    10    Mocking Bird Ridge
GCA21  OS 1150a    8    A Sticky Situation
GCA21  VP 1c      14    'Grandma Duck'
GCA21  US 48g      4    Jonah Gyro
GCA21  D 6856     10    Go Slowly Sands of Time (story Barks)
GCA23  DD 26a     32    Trick or Treat
GCA23  DD 26x      1    'Failed Halloween trick'
GCA23  DD 26b      9    Hobblin' Goblins
GCA23  DD 26y      1    'Halloween gag with masks'
GCA24  US 17      26.75 A Cold Bargain
GCA24  US 31      17    All at Sea
GCA24  US 31x      1    The Secret Book
GCA24  US  5x      1    'Hospitality week'
GCA25  OS  367    32    A Christmas for Shacktown
GCA25  OS  367x    1    'Christmas surprise: golf balls'
GCA25  OS  367y    1    'Christmas surprise: mistletoe'
GCA25  OS  367z    1    'Christmas surprise: Christmas list'
GCA25  OS  256z    1    'Christmas surprise: tools'
GCA25  WDC 148    10    Turkey With All the Schemings
GCA27  WDC  41    10    The Duck in the Iron Pants
GCA27  WDC  50    10    Numismatic Nightmare
GCA27  WDC  31    10    Donald's Victory Garden
GCA27  WDC  32    10    The Lucky Rabbit's Foot
GCA27  WDC  46    10    Camera Crazy
GCA27  WDC  59     8    The Wild Colt
GCA27  WDC  38    10    Good Neighbors
GCA27  WDC  53    10    The Tramp Steamer
GG1    OS    9    64    Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold
GG2    US  5      32    The Sunken City
GG2    US  5y      1    'Scrooge diving for a dime'
GG2    US  5z      1    'Scrooge spends one soda'
GG2    OS  178z    1    'Donald gets washer and freezer mixed up'
GG2    OS  256    32    Luck of the North
GG4    US 15      20    The Second-Richest Duck
GG4    US 27      22    The Money Champ
GG4    US 61      24    So Far and No Safari
GG5    OS  422x    1    'Eleven horses cost no rent'
GG5    OS  422    32    The Gilded Man
GG5    OS  422y    1    'Rescuing Daisy's cat'
GG5    OS  282    22    The Pixilated Parrot
GG5    DD 45x      1    'Free the Badminton court from snow'
GG5    OS  422z    1    'Donald paints himself into the corner - on purpose'
GG5    DD 46      24    Secret of Hondorica
GG5    WDC 195    10    The Runaway Train
GG6    US 36      17    The Midas Touch
GG6    US 38      19    The Unsafe Safe
GG6    US 43      18    For Old Dime's Sake
GG6    US 48      22    The Many Faces of Magica De Spell
GG6    US 50      16    Rug Riders in the Sky
GG6    WDC 265    10    Raven Mad
DBP    DBP 1      16    'Search for Impervium breaking material'
USGD   USGD 1     20    'Scrooge as steamboat captain'
CP1    CP 2       25    You Can't Guess
CP2    CP 1       24    Letter to Santa
CP2    US 47      20    The Thrifty Spendthrift
CP2    OS  203y    1    'Donald wrecking havoc with toys in a store'
CP2    CP 1x       1    'Donald reading outside in the cold'
---- End of Barks list ----
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