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In response to Harry, who is quoted with ">".

On Micro-Ducks From Outer Space:
> Both the Barks story and the Vicar follow-up were published in Holland in the
> 80s, two years apart. In the Barks story, it would last 8 years before the
> micro-ducks could return. In the Vicar story however, they stated that the
> micro-ducks invented a faster way to travel...

Hmm...  This sounds like as bit of a license on the part of the Dutch
translator.  It should have taken them four years just to get back to
Micro with their old ship.  I guess these new faster ships must have
met them on their way home and docked with them. :-)

On Rosa's stories on Scrooge's youth:
me> I think some of the silent lurkers on this list have read the synopses
me> to them -- care to share some interesting tidbits of information with
me> us?
> What makes you think this? Are there Gutenberghus employees member of this
> list? 8-)

The source would rather be Don Rosa himself than Gutenberghus.

> Which story could that [Ghast Cow] be?

Dunno.  My only guess is that whoever transcribed that interview got it
wrong.  Could it be "Cash Flow"?  Not very sound-a-like, but it's the
closest thing I can think of.

me> I wonder if Rosa will try to make that HDL's parents story for
me> Gutenberghus.
> I hope _not_.

I guess I'm disapproving too, but somehow it would still be fun to see
what he would make of it.  As long as they don't really find them...

> BTW: In Holland, they have made a very interesting story about the Junior
> Woodchuck's Guide (term?). The nephews try to find out who _wrote_ it...
> (I won't tell how the story ends).

Sounds interesting, but I always figured there wasn't one person who
wrote it, but rather that it was a collaborative work by woodchucks
all over the world.  There is some Barks story where HDL try to look
something up, and don't find it in the Guidebook.  They say "that
means that noone every knew about it" or words to that effect, and
later add that they will mention this to their superior so that it can
be added to later editions of the Guidebook.  Do I remember this
right?  I can't remember what story it was, so I can't check it.

On Barks cover sketch "hammocks":
> Dutch editor Thom Roep had an inked version of this cover, inked by Ulrich
> Schro"der. He said he didn't have the original Barks pencil. So, the inked
> version is published in the 17-books-series.
> I would like to have (a copy of) the original Barks pencil drawing.

I don't think I've seen it anywhere else than the Ulrich Schr"oder
inked version as the cover of Hamburger Donaldist #50 (Dec. 1984).
Maybe you should try contacting Ulrich?  He must have (had) access to
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