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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Wed Sep 16 13:44:53 CEST 1992

Per writes:

> I know of one follow-up to a Barks story that is not by Rosa.
> Remember the end of Micro-Ducks From Outer Space, where the
> micro-ducks set off for their home planet, and promise to return in
> eight years?  That story was published 1968 in Scandinavia, and
> someone must have remembered it, because there was a Gutenberghus
> story (story by Gutenberghus-knows-who, art by Vicar) where they *did*
> return -- D 3829.  Unfortunately it wasn't published until 1977 (KA
> 31/77 in Sweden).

Both the Barks story and the Vicar follow-up were published in Holland in the
80s, two years apart. In the Barks story, it would last 8 years before the
micro-ducks could return. In the Vicar story however, they stated that the
micro-ducks invented a faster way to travel...

> As to the series on Scrooge's youth I don't know much about it, but I
> think some of the silent lurkers on this list have read the synopses
> to them -- care to share some interesting tidbits of information with
> us?

What makes you think this? Are there Gutenberghus employees member of this
list? 8-)

> Here are some other things on Rosa from the interview with Geoffrey
> Blum in Carl Barks & Co. #19 (translated from the Danish translation):
>   "The first two things from Rosa I saw were 'Ghast Cow' and
>    'The Money Whirl Pool' or whatever its name was.  Byron rejected
>    it, he didn't like it.  He tought it was too much like an older
>    story.

Which story could that be?

>    Even Byron thought the ending was too sentimental.  Rosa
>    also wanted to do a story where Huey, Dewey, and Louie set up to
>    look for their real parents, but fortunately Byron rejected that
>    one too."
> (...)
> I wonder if Rosa will try to make that HDL's parents story for
> Gutenberghus.

I hope _not_.

BTW: In Holland, they have made a very interesting story about the Junior
Woodchuck's Guide (term?). The nephews try to find out who _wrote_ it...
(I won't tell how the story ends).

Harry Fluks.

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