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Harry writes (on Super Snooper Strikes Again):
> Since it is a Barks followup, it had to be a Rosa story...
> (when will Rosa stop writing followups?)

I know of one follow-up to a Barks story that is not by Rosa.
Remember the end of Micro-Ducks From Outer Space, where the
micro-ducks set off for their home planet, and promise to return in
eight years?  That story was published 1968 in Scandinavia, and
someone must have remembered it, because there was a Gutenberghus
story (story by Gutenberghus-knows-who, art by Vicar) where they *did*
return -- D 3829.  Unfortunately it wasn't published until 1977 (KA
31/77 in Sweden).

As to the series on Scrooge's youth I don't know much about it, but I
think some of the silent lurkers on this list have read the synopses
to them -- care to share some interesting tidbits of information with

Here are some other things on Rosa from the interview with Geoffrey
Blum in Carl Barks & Co. #19 (translated from the Danish translation):

  "The first two things from Rosa I saw were 'Ghast Cow' and
   'The Money Whirl Pool' or whatever its name was.  Byron rejected
   it, he didn't like it.  He tought it was too much like an older
   story.  Even Byron thought the ending was too sentimental.  Rosa
   also wanted to do a story where Huey, Dewey, and Louie set up to
   look for their real parents, but fortunately Byron rejected that
   one too."

"The Money Whirl Pool" is really "The Money Pit" which Disney accepted
when they asked Rosa for a story, but what on earth is "Ghast Cow"?

I wonder if Rosa will try to make that HDL's parents story for
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