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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Mon Sep 14 09:54:17 CEST 1992

Reply to Per Starback:

me>> But what about new Scandinavian Rosa stories?
> I still don't check new Swedish Disney books that often, so I don't
> know.  I now have the Danish Rosa index in Carl Barks & Co. #19
> though, and there I found one story that we haven't mentioned here
> before: D 91076 "Super Snooper Strikes Again".  I've been looking
> around for recent back issues with Rosa, but haven't found that one
> yet (6/92), so I don't know what it is.  It seems to be an allusion to
> WDC 107 (Super Snooper) though.
> Then of course Rosa's working on this ten(?)-part epos on Scrooge
> McDuck's early life.  I think the Swedish translator has already
> translated some parts of it, so it won't be too long before we see
> them here.

Funny. I was just about to ask 2 questions about Rosa. The first about a Super
Snooper followup: in Holland, I saw an ad for next month's issue of 'DD Extra'
with such a story. Since it is a Barks followup, it had to be a Rosa story...
(when will Rosa stop writing followups?)
The story will be published here in october.

The second question was about Scrooge's youth. I sent your message about
Rosa working on Scrooge's youth to my Dutch pen pal Daniel van Eijmeren
months ago. It also mentioned that Rosa let Scrooge and Magica de Spell meet
long before they really met.
Daniel now replied to me that he didn't like the idea, and even doesn't like
Magica at all (well, there are a few good stories with her, but overall, we
could do without her). (Note: this is Daniels opinion, not mine.)
Since your message was a few months old, I wondered if it was still accurate.
Now I know the answer. I can't wait to see the result.

Harry Fluks.

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