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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Sep 11 22:14:07 CEST 1992

Harry> But what about new Scandinavian Rosa stories?

I still don't check new Swedish Disney books that often, so I don't
know.  I now have the Danish Rosa index in Carl Barks & Co. #19
though, and there I found one story that we haven't mentioned here
before: D 91076 "Super Snooper Strikes Again".  I've been looking
around for recent back issues with Rosa, but haven't found that one
yet (6/92), so I don't know what it is.  It seems to be an allusion to
WDC 107 (Super Snooper) though.

Then of course Rosa's working on this ten(?)-part epos on Scrooge
McDuck's early life.  I think the Swedish translator has already
translated some parts of it, so it won't be too long before we see
them here.
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