Final word about relatives?

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Thu Apr 1 02:31:32 CEST 1993

Hi again!

It seems that the subject of relatives have been sufficently debated (at
least noone writes about it anymore) so I thought I'd close that discussion
by giving an overview of _my_personal_ Duck family tree. This stands strong
since many years and can not be changed by facts! (So there!)

Hewey, Dewey and Louie: Their mother, Della, sent them to her brother
Donald after they had given their father a heart attack by exploding fire-
crackers under his chair. Later he recovered, only to get another, much
worse, attack when the boys came home again. This unfortunately killed the
poor man and HD&L where again sent to uncle Donald. Della went away to
Australia or some other faraway place and has not been seen again.

Uncle $crooge and Gladstone Gander: They are related to Donald according
to what is said in that Barks comic (and I don't remember the name of it
and I don't remember the exact relations, but this is always so with me).
The Ducks and McDucks are two different families, and if they have a
mutual history, it is far back in time.

Cousin Fethry: He somehow manages to be cousin with both Donald and
Gladstone. Just don't ask me how!

Gus Goose: Is a cousin of Donalds. His mother's name is mentioned in the
animated film where he first appears, but I've forgotten it (as usual).
If someone desperately wants to know, I can check it up.

Grandma Duck: She is Donald's grandmother on his father's side. When
Donald's parents died (possibly as the cause of a tragic accident while
trying to prove that ducks _can_ fly) she took care of him and raised him
as her own son. Grandma and $crooge are _not_ related, but they have a
very close friendship, possibly because $crooge was Donald's financial
protector when he (Donald) was young.

Ludwig von Drake: I'm not quite sure about this character. I'm sure he is
family, but I don't know exactly how. If Donald's father was a Duck and
his mother was a McDuck, he can't be Donald's uncle. Perhaps he is uncle
$crooge's cousin?

Gyro, Daisy and Clara Cluck are not relatives of the other characters.

That's it and that's that. I hope that I didn't forget anyone important,
and I will not draw the entire tree simply because I'm too lazy.

On the subject of odd relatives, I could mention that Gladstone has one
nephew (Lycko-Axel Lukas (Swedish name)) and two nieces. They all have
the same kind of luck as Gladstone has. These possibly appeared in an
Italian comic.

Finally, a notice about Disney characters and marriages: Donald once
married one of Daisy's friends. After the wedding, she terrorized poor
Donald horribly. In the end, however, it all turned out to be a dream.
This story, too, was Italian.

  /Fredrik Ekman

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P.S. Jellybeans asked me if Howard was related to the other ducks. To him
and anyone else how may wonder; Howard is not related to the ducks. In fact,
he's not even Disney. Howard the Duck looks a lot like Donald Duck, but he
is a Marvel comic character. This comic is (was) a wonderful parody of the
American society in general and superhero comics in particular. D.S.

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