Painter Gare' Barks dies (fwd)

Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Thu Apr 1 01:58:09 CEST 1993

	From Comics Buyer's Guide #1011 April 2,1993 page 46

	Artist Gare' Barks died during the night of March 8.
	While she was primarily known to comic-book collectors as the wife
of Carl Barks, long-time writer-artist of Donald Duck stories and creator
of Uncle Scrooge McDuck, she was a landscape painter whose work appeared
nationally on greeting cards and in prints.  Some of her paintings are
reproduced at the right side of this page.
	She assisted her husband on his comic-book stories, primarily on
the inking and lettering.
	"Gare'" was the name she used professionally and was taken from
her given name, Margaret.  She pronounced it "Gary".
	Anyone wishing to make a memorial donation can do so to Animal
Preservation of Planned Parenthood, two of her favorite charities.
	Memorial services were held March 12, near her home in Grants
Pass, Oregon.

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