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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Thu Apr 1 02:00:19 CEST 1993

On Wed, 31 Mar 1993, Per Starb{ck wrote:
> Torsten:
> > 	I doubt you'll be able to get a copy, as most stores I know don't
> > keep back issues.  I posted the short obituary that week, and wonder if it
> > made it to the net.  
> To the net?  If you've sent it to this list it didn't get through.
> And I haven't seen anything about it in rec.arts.comics.* or
> rec.arts.disney either.  In fact I learned about her being dead from
> Wilmer River's posting to this list:

I sent it to "student" instead of "minsk".  That will teach me to update
my address book.

> I called a Swedish comics dealer and asked him about it.  He said that
> the latest ish of CBG that he had got *mentioned* the death on the
> back cover.  I thought that "the tributes" might be something more than
> that, and that it is the issue after that one I want.  Is it?

No, the Gladstone ad on the back appears in the same issue as the tributes.
> Could anyone please give me some issue numbers, both of this CBG and
> an earlier one with a feature on Gladstone and interviews with Don
> Rosa and William Van Horn.  I'd also like the issue number of that
> issue of Advance Comics with a Don Rosa interview that Harry
> mentioned.  There is an old interview with Rosa by Dana Gabbard that
> Gabbard told me would be published in The Comics Journal.  Has it?
> Please anyone tell me when it appears.
> And finally a simple question on Gare':  How do you proncounce her
> name?  Like Gary???

Yes.  She created this name from her given name.

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