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Thu Apr 1 13:42:13 CEST 1993

About the translation list:

I started editing the thing and a few thoughts struck me. Mostly, they
concern keeping the list down at a acceptable size.

First: When there are several translations of the same character name,
there is really no use in listing them all. Therefore, when you propose
several names to the same character, list the most common/important
first and don't list translations that has appeared only once or a long
time ago. A typical example is that Donald Duck in some early Swedish
translations was called Onkel Magnus. I won't include that name in the

Second: I don't think we (I) should include movie characters that have
only rarely or not at all appeared in comics. Those of Per's listings
that are affected here are: Aristocats, Dumbo, Cinderella, Tinker Bell
and Jiminy Cricket.

Third: Unimportant characters should also be excluded. These include:
Porpy the Porpoise, Little Toot and maybe Captain Churchmouse. Then
there are those that I don't even know who they are: Izzy Wolf, Bucky
Bug and Sylvester Shyster. Are any of those important?

Fourth: I think we should include (that's right, and I won't even delete
every previous entry) those DA cartoon characters that have appeared in
comics. In Sweden, so far as I know, this concerns only Duck Tales and
Rescue Rangers. I know most of these Swedish names, but please post
others to me.

I also plan to make some short utility program to extract two-language
versions of the list. This, however, won't be done until the first
version of the list is finished.

What do you think? Should I include every imaginable Disney character?
And some unimaginable too? Gimme feedback!

  /Fredrik Ekman

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